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The Board Bulletin October 2016

A Letter from USBA's President,
Nancy Kennedy

Happy October! It’s time for footballs flying, decorated porches, pumpkins patches and the knowledge that no one judges you harshly as you stand in the checkout line with 10 bags of candy. It also comes with the realization that the days are getting shorter and the seasons are moving on. We’ve had a great year so far and I’m sure that the best is yet to come. These last few weeks have been great for us as your USBA leadership as we’ve traveled around the state visiting with each of you in your Fall Regional Meetings. It gives us a chance to talk one on one, learn more about the local issues that you are facing, and see your great teams of board members working together. 

There is so much that we can accomplish collectively. My theme for the year has been “Working together for Utah’s future” and more than ever I believe that only by working as a team with other educational organizations, USSA, UASBO, PTA, UEA, the State Board of Education, the Legislature, and other like-minded groups, can we accomplish this vast job of crafting public education to make the best possible outcome for our students. Many of us are up for re-election and making those last minute pitches for support. I wish you well and hope for the best possible outcomes in your races. (Never have I been so happy to be unopposed!)

I would like to encourage you to look at Amendment B that will be on the ballot. This is a Constitutional amendment, to modify the way the School Trust land monies are invested. It changes the annual distribution from “interest and dividends” to “earnings.” It limits the distribution from the State School Fund to 4% of the fund, and it changes the investment standard from “safely” to “prudently.” These changes will allow school community councils to continue their important work of meaningful academic school improvement and updates the distribution policy to consider a percentage of earnings, student enrollment growth and inflation, instead of simple interest and dividends.

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NSBA News - JoDee Sundberg

This past month there has not been anything to report from the NSBA Board. We will be having a teleconference call in about a week for updates on committees and budget details.
The Agenda for Action committee which I am serving on has released its white paper on teacher shortage and now we are working with the Center for Public Education, the Department of Education, and other agencies in producing a three-prong strategy on education technology: recognizing local level innovation, state level best practices, and federal level resources to enhance the impact of technology on student achievement. Use of technology and data protection is a hot topic across the country. The questions being asked are how much is too much? How secure is our students’ personal data? Is technology taking the place of face to face instruction? This will be a great discussion for board members to have on the local and state level.

NSBAC- which is our political arm of NSBA has been actively involved in the presidential debates and trying to find out what the candidates are saying about public education. Both candidates have been fairly silent even though they will help guide the implementation of the new ESSA. You can follow this on the NSBAC Facebook site or on Twitter.

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Recent Legislation

USBA is committed to keeping public education at the forefront of Utah's Legislature.

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“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

- Oscar Wilde

Safety Spotlight - Looking Out for Each Other

One of my favorite poems is about a gentleman who travelled life’s road, not only looking out for himself, but also making the road safer for others.

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NSBA Statement Regarding Federal Investments for Our Students and Communities

"As we approach the end of Fiscal Year 2016, Congress must finalize a bipartisan continuing resolution or other funding continuity plan that will sustain federal investments for our students, schools and communities..."

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