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The Board Bulletin April 2014

A Letter from USBA's President, Carolyn White

Fellow Board Members,

The three months I have been serving as president have passed by extremely fast. It seems like there is always something on the horizon to keeps us going. Being involved with the Joint Legislative Committee during this past legislative session has made me appreciate the time and effort of those leading the charge for the committee. It is time consuming and at times disappointing. I have great respect for those legislators who look to us for advice and support for good public education legislation. The work we do is so important to our public schools.

At the USBA Board of Director’s first meeting this past week, I presented the theme I have chosen to guide our work throughout this coming year: “I Believe In Local Public Schools With School Boards Leading the Way By Using Our Heads, Hearts, and Hands.” Using or heads we gain knowledge, listen, and innovate; using our hearts we show love, caring, and passion for what we do; our hands give service, reach out to others, and create wonderful things.

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My Superintendent is Doing a Great Job...Why Should the Board Implement an Evaluation Process?

A lot has been written about superintendent evaluations, here are some of the best reasons I have found:
  • To strengthen the working relationship between the board and the superintendent by establishing clear lines of communication.
  • Providing a system for assessing the strengths of both the superintendent and board.
  • Documenting that the board had communicated its desires to the superintendent.
  • Establishing a basis for commending, rewarding and reinforcing good work.
  • Demonstrating to the board whether the superintendent was satisfied with his or her job.
  • Providing a measuring tool on progress achieved between evaluations.
  • Giving the board an opportunity to reaffirm its role as the superintendent's employer.
  • Offering direction for the superintendent's professional growth and development.
If you have additional questions about the evaluation process or would like USBA to help or assist please call on us at any time, or 801-566-1207.

NSBA News - JoDee Sundberg

Gettysburg!!!! Leadership!!! Put those two things together and that equals three days of great leadership training on the battlefield of Gettysburg. Most of the NSBA board of directors and senior staff had an incredible experience working and playing together as we built trust, friendships and support for one another.

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"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."

-Edward Everett-

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Loss Control Safety Spotlight - 5 Benefits of Sleep 

A University of Chicago study shows that sleeping between 5 - 6-1/2 hours each night, leads to improvement in the following:
  1. Safety- Adequate sleep leads to less mistakes on the job, driving, etc…
  2. Improves Memory- Activities done before sleep are committed to memory while sleeping.
  3. Curbs Inflammation- Inflammation leads to heart disease, stroke, etc...
  4. Burns Fat - Adequate sleep allows the body to burn fat.
  5. Live Longer- Sleeping between 5 - 6-1/2 hours leads to a longer life.

For any questions regarding PowerUP please contact a member of USBA's staff at (801)-566-1207.

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News Corner

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