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The Board Bulletin July 2015

A Letter from USBA's President,
Kristi Swett

Happy Independence Day!

As a little girl, one of my favorite memories was the night sky lit up with fireworks. My sisters and I would lay a blanket down and we would wait anxiously for the show to begin. When the first burst of color hit the star-filled night, we joined in with the oohs and awes from our friends and family. At an early age, my dad, who served in the Air Force for 32 years, instilled in me his love of our country and the flag, which still resonates strongly today.

Our great country was built on the hopes and dreams of many men and women before us, coming from far away places, looking for a better way of life and making choices that changed their pathways. Today, our state is rapidly becoming diverse and culturally rich. Our schools are filled with students, which reflects those changes and challenges, all whom have hopes, dreams, and untapped potential. It’s up to us to provide learning environments that inspires and open doors for opportunities.

At times, the focus on the negative outshines the positive and the amazing achievements of our schools and students. We need to tell our stories, the good and the not so good. By telling our story, it helps us to examine what didn’t work and what does work and how to keep moving forward, always with our eye on our students. I am continually inspired by the work that is going on in schools around our state with dedicated teachers, thoughtful administrators, passionate parents, and committed board members. When banded together, much like the generations of the men and women who helped build our country, we can accomplish the hardest of tasks.

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NSBA News - JoDee Sundberg

I hope your summer days are enjoyable and a little slower. The heat is helping us to slow down a little, I think. This past weekend I was able to be part of the NSBA Pacific Region Conference in Fairbanks Alaska. Being able to meet with the leadership of eight state associations brings a very rigorous and informative discussion through sharing and content. We are well represented by our Utah Association leadership.

As one of three NSBA board of directors at this meeting we were able to discuss the validity of NSBA and how we can best serve our state association, district, and board members. I would like to share the feedback we received to be discussed on the national level.

Advocacy is the key word in the relevancy of NSBA.

Legislative Advocacy: Advocate for good public education policy on Capitol Hill. Having a voice on the national level and on Capitol Hill allows the needs of state associations to be heard. This collective voice is very powerful.

Any entity receiving tax dollars needs to be held to the same levels of accountability. Other types of schools, private or public, who receive federal dollars need to be held at the same requirements as our district schools. Continuous information to state associations on anti-public education legislation. Having a clearinghouse where information is shared on legislation that is being seen across the country.

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Recent Legislation

USBA is committed to keeping public education at the forefront of Utah's Legislature.

Click here to read an important article from Dr. Patti Harrington regarding important upcoming meetings that may have an impact on public education.

"What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the human soul."

- Joseph Addison

Safety Spotlight - Heat Related Illness Signs and Prevention

Heat related illness can occur when the body’s temperature increases by only a couple of degrees. Overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from heat related illness.

Steps to Prevent Heat Related Illness:
  1. Acclimatize- Spend a few days gradually increasing exposure to the heat.
  2. Water Intake- Sweating cools your body. You should drink 8 oz of cool water for every 20-30 minutes that you are in the heat.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment- Clothing should be made of light fabric. You should also use a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  4. Periodic Breaks- Every hour or so, take a short break in a cool place.
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