BNS 217: Who is Governor Ron DeSantis? -with Anna Zeigler
Did you state lockdown in response to the COVID pandemic? And if it did end up locking down, did your state follow the science data and reopen once government lockdowns were shown to have no impact o…
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A Fourth Stimulus Check Might Be on the Way
With the third round of stimulus checks beginning to hit taxpayers' bank accounts this week, many are wondering if there will be a fourth round of stimulus payments. See: If You Get a Stimulus Check,…
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A big wave of pandemic bankruptcies never happened. Here's why
Despite a pandemic that has upended industries and resulted in massive job losses, bankruptcy filings are down.
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The Best Governments are Small and Boring
A boring government is the best kind of government, and cults of personality can’t do boring.
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All War is Darkness
No president wants to be labelled as losing a war, but why would they want to continue an endless one?
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250 Top Business Leaders Just Warned Cuomo: NY’s Tax Hike Proposals Will Have One Huge Consequence
Thanks to the recently-passed $1.9 trillion spending package, the state of New York is set to receive a whopping $23.5 billion in federal bailout money. But progressive lawmakers are nonetheless cons…
The Granite State Just Voted Against Having Any State Minimum Wage
Some might see having no state minimum wage as cruel or callous, but this is a mistake. An abundance of evidence shows minimum wage laws have negative effects on employment opportunities for the most…
34 Quotes on Collectivism and Freedom from the Late, Great Tibor Machan
Tibor Machan was a prolific writer and a fervent advocate for liberty. Here are some of the best lines from his 40 books and hundreds of essays.
‘Taxing Corporations’ Might Be Good Politics, but It’s Still Bad Policy
It’s no wonder that countries around the world have been lowering corporate tax rates for 40 years.
10 Biggest Pandemic Profiteers
Source: Common Dreams by Chuck Collins “A year ago, the Institute for Policy Studies published ‘Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes and Pandemic Profiteers,&#8217…
The Return of Mass Shootings — and Logical Fallacies
Source: National Review by Kevin D Williamson “When a horrible crime like the one perpetrated in Boulder on Tuesday — and in Atlanta only a week before — occurs, the story is alwa…
Debunk And Discredit The Empire’s Propaganda
Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist by Caitlin Johnstone “The empire expends so much of its wealth and energy on mass scale narrative control via propaganda not because it wants to, b…
The Biden “moonshot” for Afghan reconciliation
Source: Christian Science Monitor by staff “Some call it a pipe dream. Others say it is a grand self-delusion. In the Biden White House, however, it is called a ‘moonshot.’ Since …
Criticizing a country’s policies is not bigotry
Source: Responsible Statecraft by Paul R Pillar “China offers much to criticize. Besides Beijing’s initial mishandling of COVID-19, this includes, among other things: the incarceration of, an…

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