Are Social Networks Censoring Conservatives?
Trevor and Aaron are joined by Cato’s Matthew Feeney and John Samples (a new member of the Facebook Oversight Board), to talk about the pros and cons of content moderation.
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How Not to Be Owned
How to own rather than be owned? The answer is simple.
Kamala Harris Got Away With Smoking Pot While Biden Fired Staffers
Low-level marijuana users are being purged from the federal government while elites like Vice President Harris at the top get away with doing the same thing and bragging about it. This hypocrisy is d…
Gun Laws and Decentralization: Lessons from “Constitutional Carry”
Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute by Jose Nino “Few political movements can boast of success like the firearms movement in the United States. Often overlooked is how before the 1980s there w…
Slovakia: Prime Minister resigns to end crisis over Russian vaccine
Source: Irish Examiner [Ireland] “Slovakia’s prime minister says he will step down to clear the way for a Cabinet reshuffle that will defuse a political crisis triggered by a secret deal to b…
The Bias Against Advertising
Source: Free Association by Sheldon Richman “People who dislike markets harbor a special animosity toward advertising as cynically controlling. This is not new. In the mid-20th century John K…
Death By Taxes: The Democrats Threaten Our Economic Livelihood
Source: American Consequences by Trish Regan “Washington’s convinced that the latest $1.9 trillion just wasn’t enough, with Biden and Harris clamoring for even trillions more in spending. The…
New US trade rep: MAGA! Biden regime is on the Trump Train!
Source: Yahoo! News “In her first interview since her Senate confirmation, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai told The Wall Street Journal that the Biden administration is not ready to l…
Do we now need permission to be free?
Source: spiked by Tim Black “What we were once free to do, we now have to be permitted to do. The state hasn’t just encroached upon the domain of civil liberties — it has thoroughly col…
MN: Lawyer sanctioned $10,000 for filing election challenges without plaintiffs’ knowledge
Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press “A Minnesota attorney who filed legal challenges to the November election of five congressional Democrats was given a $10,000 sanction Friday after a judge foun…
An Unseen Consequence of the Minimum Wage
Source: Future of Freedom Foundation by Jacob G Hornberger “It is easy to see a direct consequence of minimum-wage laws — the unemployment they produce by pricing people out of the labo…
The Day I Became Antiwar
Source: CounterPunch by Peter Certo “On 9/11, I was a Catholic school eighth grader. I’ll never forget my teacher, Mrs. Anderson, saying simply: ‘I have something to tell you.’ Sh…
How a US-Iran Deal Helps Red States
Source: Foreign Policy by Trita Parsi “Three months into his term, U.S. President Joe Biden’s promise to reenter the Iran nuclear deal remains unfulfilled. Since he’s concerned about Republic…
How Public Sector Workers Are Fighting to Prevent More Job Losses
Source: Common Dreams by Mark Brenner “After the pandemic sent state and local budgets into a tailspin, public sector workers across the country were suddenly faced with furloughs, layoffs, a…

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