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Coaching, anyone?

Hi <<Your First Name>>,

Last Wednesday I taught a webinar on Productized Consulting for Designers at InVision (watch the recap here). And there was another one a few months ago called Indispensable Business Knowledge for Designers (recap here).

I’m always impressed by the amazing feedback I get on these webinars. Today I had the sweetest letter from Elize which inspired the entire coaching idea:

“I loved the webinar! There’s not a lot of content in universities about how to promote yourself as a designer in regards of what you want to achieve as a professional. You’re someone who shows the possibilities, and helps to identify the profile for a designer. The tips in this video actually already help a lot. I’m building my fourth personal website and will have to change some things based on these tips. Have you ever thought about creating a coaching service for designers?”

There are two categories of people who I’d love to help the most: designers and bootstrapped SaaS founders. I’m offering coaching for both categories under the same conditions, but we’ll be covering different subjects.

For designers

Are you looking to get more leads, charge higher rates, and win better clients? Together we can work on the following things:

  • Positioning and value-based pricing
  • Productized consulting
  • Your design skills (UI/UX and creative direction)
  • Authority building and marketing

For SaaS founders

Are you bootstrapping your business and doing everything yourself, but would love some guidance? Are you experiencing high churn or increased support load? Together we can work to improve the situation by tackling the following things:

  • Product strategy & new features
  • UI/UX (walk-through teardowns)
  • Visual design feedback (creative direction)
  • Marketing and sales copy


I’m pricing it low compared to my consulting offerings — because I want to make it affordable for you. I know that even this can be a lot of money for your budget.

There’s no vetting process: both designers and SaaS founders can buy any of the packages immediately using the links below. If it turns out you’re not a good fit for coaching, no questions asked — I’ll give you an immediate refund.

Basic Package

  • A one-off, two-hour strategy workshop
  • One 60-minute call per month
  • Full access to the group Slack room

Sign up now for $249/month >>

Advanced Package

  • A one-off, two-hour strategy workshop
  • One 60-minute call every two weeks
  • Full access to the group Slack room

Sign up now for $399/month >>

Intensive Package

  • A one-off, two-hour strategy workshop
  • One 60-minute call every week
  • Full access to the group Slack room
  • Unlimited private Q&A with Jane

Sign up now for $1099/month >>

After you’re done with the payment, I’ll send you the introduction questionnaire and a scheduling link. I’m limiting the number of slots in case this gets wildly popular. So get your slot today if you want to level up your business!


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