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February 2013
Victorian Child and Nature Connection
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Dear all,

We have two amazing events coming up!

"Connecting to Country, sharing the stories", presented by the Victorian Child and Nature Connection and Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Our next VCNC mini seminar is a once-in-a-lifetime line-up of speakers.
Join three acclaimed Australian artists on a journey to celebrate our connection to land, our past, our roots, our history and the synergies of cross-cultural meetings.

Wednesday 13 March 2013
9.15 am-1pm
Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Meet at Mueller Hall, National Herbarium, Gate F
$35 (student concession $20) - book early
Bookings now open: Ph. 9252 2358

This unique workshop, set in Melbourne's beautiful botanic gardens, explores how we can help our kids develop a deep affinity with country and the natural world. Experience first-hand the stories of three acclaimed artists and how they utilise sounds, smells, sights, memories and emotions to express their strong ties to country.

William Barton, one of Australia's leading didgeridoo players, Delmae Barton, Dreamtime opera diva, and Glenn Romanis, sculptor and visual artist, will work with you outdoors, to explore the processes of connection, creation and collaboration to share the bond we feel to country.
A traditional Welcome to Country will be presented by Aunty Carolyn Briggs and a smoking ceremony by Trevor Gallagher.

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking.
For more information on the speakers and their bios:
"The World Becomes What You Teach" with Global Humane Education Leader - Zoe Weil, presented by Jane Goodall Institute Australia, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and Victorian Child and Nature Connection

Never before have we had the opportunity to effect widespread change to alleviate suffering and injustice in the world. Discover how to effect positive and meaningful change to help create a better world. From the U.S., Zoe Weil is an internationally renowned speaker, co-founder, award winning author and president of the Institute for Humane Education. She has given several TEDx talks including her acclaimed TEDx talk “The World Becomes What You Teach.”
Thursday March 22, 2013
1.30 pm- 4.30pm
Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne
Meet at Mueller Hall (side door), Gate F
$60 book early
Enquiries: Alicia-
For More information:
Bookings now open

Child and Nature Forum at the Sustainable Living Festival on 17 February 2013 - Report

Thanks to those who attended the Child and Nature Forum hosted by the Victorian Child and Nature Connection at the Sustainable Living Festival last Sunday! Thanks also to our wonderful speakers from Westgarth Bush Kinder, the Port Phillip Ecocentre and Muddy Boots Sandy Hands for sharing their inspiring story.

We would like to give a special mention to one of our speakers, Gio Fitzgerald. Gio is only 16 years old, but he is transforming his local area into a place where native hollow-dependent wildlife thrives by building awesome nestboxes! He does not only know how to build these homes for possums, birds and bats - different animals prefer different real estate- but involves everyone, children and adults in creating them and giving them a place in the local area. He is now appointed Youth Wildlife Ambassador at the Port Phillip Ecocentre to build on these fantastic efforts. He is also monitoring his local wildlife through surveys and is involved in setting up his own environment group. We look forward to following Gio's inspiring work!

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon,

Warm regards,

Cecile, Chris, Dimity and Jess
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