You could start getting bookings before you've even finished <<First Name>>

If you want to know how to give yourself a realistic timeframe to get your campervan finished without losing out on bookings, then read on. We are going to bust two common myths that will lose you money. 1. You can’t list your conversion for hire until it’s complete. 2. So long as you list by the start of the summer you’ll still make the most of the season.

Myth Number 1: You can’t list your conversion for hire until it’s complete.
Fact: A 'live listing' and your 'first booking' are two very different things.
  • Live Listing - To publish your listing and start accepting bookings you need:
    • All the visual stuff complete including body work, soft furnishings, cupboard fronts etc
    • An amazing professional photoshoot - see our Photography Specification here 
    • All the vehicle details on the booking system filled in including the headline description
  • First Booking – by blocking off anything from 4 days to 4 months on your availability calendar you can give yourself plenty of time to finish off all those last little snags for example:
    • Warning stickers about vehicle height and length
    • Landlords Gas Safe certificate
    • Weighbridge readout
    • DVLA change of use paperwork
    • Finishing the electrics 
    • Fitting the solar panels
Myth Number 2: So long as you list by the end of May, you’ll still make the most of the summer season.
Fact: Not only will a van listed in February pick up more bookings in March-May, they’ll also get lots more bookings for June/July/August; particularly the higher value long bookings. On average our customers confirm bookings 60 days in advance of the pick-up date and it’s often much longer. And of course that doesn’t count the time they will have spent planning and choosing their van before they book. So the sooner you have a live listing, the sooner you will show up in their search and the more likely you will be in their shortlist when they come to book. 
Of course we still get lots of last minute enquires for people wanting a campervan for this weekend, tomorrow and even today and we will do our best to help them. But the certainty of having the booking in place well in advance gives both you and the customer the best chance of everything going smoothly.

So my top tips for getting listed in time are:
  • Find a photographer and set a date (even if it’s for a couple of months from now).
  • Start filling in your listing details. You will also have access to lots of helpful information like a comparison of the insurance options and the full Owner Guide
  • Accept the T&Cs so we can send you the Welcome Pack which includes ‘Hire me from Quirky Campers’ stickers
  • Finish your soft furnishings and varnish/paint/oil the cupboards
  • Remember your trip to the Peak District to test the heating doesn’t have to happen before your listing goes live
Any questions any time don't hesitate to get in touch.

All the best
David (0117 2140123)

P.s. Next week we'll be walking you through the 2 most common barriers people come up against when converting a campervan for hire.
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