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It's all about the money

There are a lot of great reasons to rent out your campervan when you're not using it. You get to be part of the Quirky Campers family, show off your beautiful work of art, meet some wonderful people, give the gift of some special memories and feel great that your camper isn't sitting around on your drive.

However, let's be frank, the money is important too. It might be paying off the conversion, covering the cost of your getaways or even be an essential income stream.

So the question is, how much can you make?

Our vans are rented out anything from 60 to 180 nights per year. They vary in price from camper to camper and throughout the seasons, but averages out at £110/night gross which after the Quirky Campers commission of 21% is £87 to you.
->  PAYOUT: So your income is likely to be somewhere in the range of £5,000 to £16,000.

Factors that might put you at the bottom end of the range:
  • Launching after March
  • Using your camper a lot during high season
  • Being unresponsive to last-minute enquiries and discounts
  • Being in a very rural location
  • Having 3 berths or less
Factors that are likely to put you at the top end of the range:
  • Launching early in the year
  • Being established (on the site for more than a year)
  • Having professional photos
  • Being in the South East, North of England or Scotland
  • Close to population centres or major transport links 
  • A top quality conversion with extra berths, toilet and/or shower (more about what makes for a popular van in the next email)
And what will your costs be?

Costs will vary (please exercise your common sense in this regard) but you will be paying out for all of the following:
  • Roughly £1500 for insurance, breakdown and public liability (will be more in London)
  • £200-£300 for tax
  • £60 for MOT
  • £75 for gas certificate (assuming no work is required)
  • £500-£3000 for maintenance and repairs (this is the least predictable component but is likely to be higher the more your van is used. Newer models will likely be at the lower end)
What does it all mean?

From this you can see that at the bottom end of the spectrum, renting out your campervan will cover the costs of owning it (allowing you to have free usage for yourself). At the top end you could be making £8k profit per year. The vast majority of our owners are somewhere in the middle - covering their costs, with a few thousand pounds leftover to cover their time and fund their own adventures.

We encourage you to do your own calculations and consult with an accountant if necessary. But if you'd like a bit of guidance from us as to how well your van might do, reply to this email.

All the best

P.s. Next week we'll be sharing the secrets to maximising the rentability of your camper.

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