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WARC Newsletter April 2014

WARC Newsletter April 2014

They conquered 

It's pretty hard to keep up with the conquering force of the WARC contingent, and their scaly mates from UWA (who we love dearly) and all the results from the Sydney International Rowing Regatta.

So to get an update on the results from the gang - pictured above - check it out here.  If you don't have time, perhaps the most critical thing to say is thanks to all those who have helped and supported this cohort of exceptional athletes to strive not just for their own goals, but work to ensure WARC remains a force to be reckoned with on the water. Welcome home, Nel, Neks, Bobs, Butz and Wakeford.

A sad farewell

Today we also have the sad task of announcing that our Executive Officer of about eight years, Helen Stevens (pictured), will be leaving the WA Rowing Club at the end of April. We will be arranging a farewell sundowner for her (where she will not have to man the bar!). Helen has been a tireless worker and supporter for the club, often her actions have kept us out of hot water. If you see her, please thank her for her many years of service.

Helen joined us when we needed her most - we had just taken on a new full-time coach and the club has grown rapidly while she has been with us.

One thing I do love about Helen is the very many people I meet who have been married at WARC will often comment on how special the experience was for them. It is people like Helen who make memories.

For those who don't know, Helen is an accomplished sportswoman in her own right - a lawn bowls expert, actually and although there are few similarities between going for a roll and going for an erg, it is her understanding of how clubs work that has made her particularly valuable.

Thank you mate, from all of us.
Happy rowing and all that,
In this edition
  • Conquerers and a sad farewell
  • Lord Mayor's Cup update
  • Planking issues
  • Donations sought for pair
  • Rowing WA brunch
  • Hilton next door
  • Season kick-off
  • Iron Oars

Dates for the Diary
(See the whole calendar here) 
  • Thursday, April 3: Season kickoff meeting 
  • Sunday April 6: Brunch, Rowing WA, 10am
  • Sunday April 6: Guildford to Garret entries due
  • Monday April 7: Training starts and Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday, April 9: NO YOGA. In hiatus
  • Thursday April 10: Rowing WA trailer meeting
  • Sunday, April 13: Guildford to Garratt Road
  • Friday, April 18: Easter, 10-day holiday for many
  • Sunday April 20: Mettams entries due
  • Wednesday April 23: RWA board meeting
  • Sunday April 27: Mettam race
  • Sunday April 27: Perth to Freo entries due
  • Wednesday, April 30: Yoga restarts for five week course
  • Sunday, May 4: Perth to Freo boatrace
  • Thursday, May 8: Erg test. SURPRISE.
Lord Mayor's Cup: $25,000 and counting

The seas were angry that day, my friends. We sank two boats (and gave those athletes Swannies glasses as awards), had a gazillion races, a few people tried competing in backstroke and some gave up the rowing palaver altogether and instead went for champagne and a sausage in a bun on the balcony (good life choice.) A great many thank yous have been said already, but the headline says enough: The LMC team, headed by Jess Coyle and Janet Smith raised something in the vicinity of $25K. Whoa. Please thank them. And check out the pictures and AMAZEBALLS VIDEO here.
Planking issues

The dilapidation, ongoing repair and planning for the replacement of the deck is ongoing. We are setting up a tax-deductible fund to be able to take donations for the repair and maintenance of the deck, and are actively looking for project manager experience. Meanwhile the Building Maintenance Committee is working on the design, procurement and construction methods themselves. You can keep up to date with our progress on the blog, which is updated under the headline "Saga of the Slips: Part x". Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Do you want to touch it? 

There is a near-new HW2-/X up for grabs and we’ve called dibs.

This boat class is not on our boat purchase priority list – it sits behind Lord Mayor’s Cup boats and replacements for the Bridge/Beverley/Cygnus.

So to purchase this boat, we are looking for donations. You can give as much or as little as you wish. The purchase of this boat means we’ll have three top-end men’s pairs which will significantly take pressure off, particularly in C/D racing. It will mean fewer people are left rowing the Vos and Banana. Added bonus is of course that we can accept tax deductible donations thanks to the Australian Sports Foundation which allows people to contribute to our equipment fund.

For more, or to donate, read about it here.
The season is OPEN

Come and mark the opening of the 2014 club rowing season with brunch at Rowing WA headquarters. Coffee starts from 9am on Sunday morning and members of both the State SIRR teams and WA Masters crews will be there. Check out more details here.
Hilton Double Tree to take over slab

Turns out our next door neighbours will be Hilton. Hilton has taken over the approved development application for a 241-bed hotel on Lot 351 on Barrack Street Jetty. We're on a mission to find a name of someone involved with the project so we can call them and say "so, hi, we're your new neighbours... wanna buy us a new deck?"

Season start at WARC

On Saturday morning, the winter season will start in earnest at WARC. For those who wish, rowing still start at 7am to 7.30am, then we'll be working on rigging, repairing, and maintaining our boats, and getting the shed in order ready for the coming winter.

From 9.30am to 10am, there will be squad meetings with coaches to discuss training times, personal and club season goals. Be there or be square.
Iron oars
On June 15 this year, the first IRON OARS competition is scheduled to be held for WA Clubs. The event calls for an eight-person team (four of each gender) where athletes will race nine 1000m races in 10 hours, which will include events in all boat classes and an erg trial.

Clubs will be invited to enter teams of 8 to compete for the prestige of being the first WA “Iron Oars” champions. The event is billed as extreme rowing - tougher than any rowing competition ever raced in WA. 

For more information contact Debbie Mason ( or 0431 291 816)
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

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