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WARC Newsletter March 2014

Goodbye and good luck 

Five WARC athletes have been part of an unusual experiment this summer: A inter-club collaboration designed to create a killer team of elite rowers to compete at the 2014 National Rowing Championships in Penrith later this month.

As far as we know, this is the first time two WA clubs have teamed up to share resources to the benefit of athletes, resulting in a cohort that is faster, more dedicated and better resourced than what WARC could provide alone. 

Now the count-down has dwindled to mere days before the team departs, together with their 12 UWA counterparts to head to Sydney, led by intrepid coaches Nick Collins and Christal Ryan.

We hope you will join us for a plate of paella, a few drinks and a review of their training season on March 13. Without giving too much away, we can confirm that combined, the squad has rowed the distance from Perth to London this summer. WARC will miss the UWABC mob kicking around the club. They've been a pleasure to host.
  • When and where: From 6pm on Thursday, March 13 at WARC
  • How much: $20 cash or credit card at the door for a plate of paella and a drink.
  • RSVP: Either on the Facebook group or to
  • What else: Helen will be manning the bar and that's cash only

Happy end-of-crappy-summer-water everyone,
In this edition
  • Nationals send-off
  • Thanks for being awesome
  • Cleaning the deck 
  • More deck stuff
  • Lord Mayor's Cup update
  • The Great Locker Fiasco
  • Lot 351 approval (floating hotel)
  • Membership information

Dates for the Diary
  • Thursday March 13: Nationals send-off
  • Monday, March 17: 2014-15 membership drive starts
  • Thursday March 20: Lord Mayor's Cup Team Fit evening
  • Sunday March 23: Lord Mayor's Cup regatta
  • Monday March 24-Wednesday, March 30: Australian rowing championships 
  • Tuesday, April 1: 2014-15 membership year begins
  • Thursday, April 3: Season kickoff meeting 
  • Sunday April 6: Guildford to Garret entries due
  • Sunday, April 13: Guildford to Garratt Road
Every Wednesday: Yoga @ WARC, $15 per class, all welcome (including non-members)
You're awesome

February is a pretty tough time for WARC. We have Lord Mayor's Cup athletes floating around, nationals athletes reaching new heights of fatigue and learn-to-row graduates out on the water in the development squad. Boats get moved and stored, trials continue out at Champion Lakes both for nationals and the State masters team. And of course through all this, we have to keep the club in some sort of less-than-disheveled state.

To those who came along in force to the last busy bee, have volunteered with Lord Mayor's Cup crews, are on the LMC committee, helped with the introductory night, who have assisted with coaching, and have donated time, expertise and resources over the past month: Thank you. You're awesome.
Cleaning the deck

Sam has arranged purchase of a new high-pressure cleaner for getting the gunge off the deck: This is not a toy. It is an expensive piece of equipment so valuable we had to add to our asset register. Basically, just don't touch it.

Jonesy, You CAN NOT play ghostbusters with the old pressure cleaner and try to "cross the streams." We know you want to.

If you wish to use it, please check with Sam first on 
More deck stuff.

The technicolour plank you see highlighted in the picture to the left of this post is damaged. Steer clear of it. As we have deck controllers on most mornings at the moment, they will be putting out cones to make sure no one steps on it. It's looking pretty dodge.

Just on the deck, we are progressing replacement options and have moved to a quotation stage. This is very exciting and expect to hear a lot more about this in coming months.

As always, if you want to know more, or want to get involved in construction, project management, fundraising and all the other aspects of this major undertaking, please get in touch.
Lord Mayor's Cup update

The 25 crews of the 25th annual Lord Mayor's Cup are undergoing training with... relatively... few hiccups. So far the only person who has gone for a swim was Antonio (see left). A few boats have sustained some damage and this is a reminder to coaches if your boat is not rowable or has a problem you cannot fix, please report it straight away so we can get onto it.

Janet Smith is doing a stellar job of coordinating crews as we rapidly near the ACTUAL regatta day.

For those who have noticed the Yellow Peril (dredging machine) off the end of the deck, we're advised the heavy lifting is complete, and the machinery will be relocated prior to race day.
The Great Locker Fiasco of 2014

Look without going into too much detail, just let me say many of the locker keys left in lockers went missing many moons ago. They were never recovered. After some years of searching, we've finally figured out (we think) who owns what locker, which ones are available for rent and which ones need new keys. It's all detailed here, where you will also find subscription rates for 2014 and various other bits and pieces.

So here's a bit of info for the locker tenants:

  • If you have a locker in red, please take the required action
  • Please do not leave your keys in your lockers. If we have to go through this again I will have a nervous breakdown.
  • If you have a locker key and you're not sure which locker it belongs to, I can help you out.
  • If you want a locker, please email There are currently 10 available for rent.
Lot 351 approval - a win to WARC power

The big block of concrete next door to WARC (where Segway WA currently operates) is called Lot 351. The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has just approved a development application for an 18 storey hotel to be built on that concrete block.

However, never fear: Thanks to many and varied submissions from WARC friends near and far (yes SpAnna, that's you I'm talking to), the approval for the application contains a long list of conditions that guarantee WARC's continued operations throughout construction.

I have thanked the MRA for taking us into consideration and will keep you posted on any developments.

You can check out the MRA letter to Rowing WA advising of the approval here. WARC has sighted the full list of conditions, however it is not a public document so we are not at liberty to include it in a newsletter.
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

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