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The pointy end 

Welcome to the pointy end of the season, when the racing gets faster, the wind gets colder and the fatigue sets in. There are 11 weeks, 10 days of racing, 20 ergs, 40 on-water training sessions, and 75 days left in the season. 

Awesome people 

Is it just me or are we a ridiculously busy club? To everyone who is putting in, thanks. Thanks a billion. The way we operate at Wests is to let people play to their strengths, and invest their efforts where they are most effective. I'd particularly like to thank Mick Duxbury who has joined the building maintenance committee and is single-handedly ensuring WARC doesn't fall down, Dean Neal who has agreed to join the management committee for a bit, Nel Austin who is keeping things ticking over while Shaun is away, Jess Coyle for organising the upcoming regatta, and Kirsty Augustson and her team for the quiz night. Just amazing. 
Here's a few other things we're looking for help on, which will ensure we have more cash to spend on carbon:
  • A new committee members to join the management team
  • Someone to repair some faulty wiring in the Function Room speaker system
  • Someone to rebuild the WARC website either free or at mates rates. We are investigating commercial options but frankly we'd rather spend our money on carbon. (Last quote was $4500). 
If you think you know someone who can help out, drop us a line at

Happy rowing,
PBR and NDW.
Every Wednesday, 6pm: Yoga with Greg Zhender, $15

For the diary: 
  • Saturday July 5: WARC-hosted regatta at Champion Lakes.
  • Wednesday July 9: All black t-shirts to Amy
  • Thursday July 10: WARC management meeting
  • Friday July 11: Resleepering the deck
  • Sunday July 13: Pennant and masters entries in
  • Saturday July 19: Pennant regatta
  • Sunday July 20: Masters Regatta
  • Sunday July 27: Entries for Sprints and Masters due
  • Saturday August 3: Sprint regatta
  • Sunday August 4: Masters regatta
  • Sunday August 10: Entries due for Bunbury
  • Thursday August 14: WARC management meeting
  • Saturday August 16: Bunbury regatta
  • Sunday August 17: Eaton headrace
  • Sunday August 24: PAINTBALLING
Regatta hosting this Saturday
Ok team we're hosting. Jess Coyle advises we have most of the volunteer positions covered but we're still looking for some barbecue cooks, maybe a couple of dinghy drivers and some baristas. Sassys on the Swan will be facilitating our coffee-making enterprise. You can read all about the Great Coffeegate Fiasco of 2014 here, which explains why we'll be selling coffee from the Rowing WA shed. (Can someone please remind us to clean up afterwards.)  

I am so smart, S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T
(^it's a Simpsons quote, for those confused) 
Congrats to Lysdexics Untied who won (after five years of trying) the WARC quiz night. Table captain Susanne Guy has reported the wine and meat tray have gone to happy homes. From the event, we raised $2500 which will go towards our new women's 2-/x- which will replace the Mason (see next news item.) This year we were supported by a stack of generous sponsors including: You guys rock.

New carbon WOOHOO!
The recent death of the Debbie Mason (the boat, not the person. The person is in epic form) has catapaulted a women's pair to the top of the WARC priority boat list. And fortuitously, it turned out WAIS was looking to roll over a near new women's pair this year. Of course we'll be doing the normal boat naming and everything, so stay tuned for the next update.

School and ex-school training
We have invited athletes from school rowing backgrounds to join the team at WARC on Sunday, July 27 for those keen to continue rowing during their off season. You can join the event on facebook here, and feel free to come along to encourage the next generation of superstars. We also handed out this brochure to athletes at the Head of the River so they got an idea of what Wests is all about. Thanks to Denika, Darci, Hannah and Sam for being our ambassadors on the day.

Sam's advice column
Dear Sam,
When I turned up to training this week, I discovered the gym was in an uncannily ordered state - the Wesley kids had cleaned it up. It so unnerved me I left a few things lying around just so I felt more at home. That's cool, right?
Love and all that, Owner of the Pink Jacket

Um, no. Pick up your crap. We are all club members and the Wesley boys are not - it's our club so we should be setting and maintaining the standards when it comes to club house cleanliness. 

#WRMR2014 (That's World Rowing Masters Regatta 2014)
Entries for the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Ballarat close on August 17, which is about six weeks away. This means the time to get serious about this event is nearing. Dean Neal ( is helping lead the WARC charge to rev up a few crews to hit the east coast and WARC will be looking to support specialist training sessions and logistical support in the leadup. You can follow the World Rowing Masters Regatta on facebook and check it out here for more info. 

Welcome Stefanie
Stefanie Carpenter had joined the WARC family, quickly becoming the nerve centre of our operations. Stef worked previously with Helen Stevens behind the bar so she learned from one of the best. Stef is rapidly putting her own stamp on events and functions. For those who came to the quiz night, you may have noticed a new selection of wine and beer behind the bar. Stef has put together new packages, new marketing concepts and is attracting some different clientele as well as those who have been coming to WARC for years. If you see her, don't be afraid to say g'day.


Sunday August 24 we're taking a break from our normal rowing commitments and going paintballing! To get in on the gig, check out all the details here.  

Hannah at Henley

That's a headline with some nice alliteration around it. Hannah Vermeersch and the Australian women's eight are at the Henley regatta this week, rumour has it their first race will be Friday. You can find out what the girls are up to by following @rowing_chicks for updates and pix (like this one). We are proud to have one of our own racing on the world stage. It's awesome. 

2014 squad kit with this logo
NOTE: 2014 squad kit is different to club uniform. The uniform order has been delayed a bit but we will hopefully have our gear by the next regatta. 

If you'd like a 2014 top - for newcomers, it is a fairly long-standing tradition that rowers will band together and design a tshirt they feel commemorates their season at Wests, above and beyond the uniforms - you need to get tshirts etc to Amy by July 9. For more info, check out the thread on facebook or email 

Red nose running 
Speaking of Amy Walters, the pint-sized powerhouse is launching another fundraising campaign for the Sids and Kids Foundation. Amy was inspired to take up the cause after hearing the story of fellow WARCers Suz and Dean Neal and the subsequent boat-naming and fundraising the Club spearheaded for Red Nose Day. Amy will run the Age Melbourne half-marathon and you can donate to the cause here.  Most readers are probably already familiar with Dean and Suz's story, but if not you can read, and watch the boat naming ceremoney, here. 

Midnight re-sleepering works
If you happen to pass by WARC on the evening of Friday July 11 you may find a few rowers submerged out in the water in wetsuits, under the instruction of our own John Vos to replace some of the aging sleepers which makeup the understructure of the deck. The reason for the midnight shenanigans is because these works must be undertaken at low tide. Mother Murdoch is catering with lasagne and Captain Nick reports he has enough volunteers for the work (thankyouthankyouthankyou) but if you want more info, email And for those training on Saturday, July 12: Be careful.

Epic tent
Following years of procrastination, deliberation, loss of paperwork, loss of mind and various changes of opinion: We have a new tent. And it's amazing. In the event of nuclear war, the only things that would survive are cockroaches and this tent. Thanks to Janet Smith who did the ordering, Michael Jones who sourced the supplier, and the wonderful Michael Berry who helped win us a grant to get the tent in the first place. May we all shelter from the wrath of Armadale weather in clearly-labeled safety.

Rowing news
It's Henley in the UK this week and at the regatta a new rowing magazine will be launched, called Row260. Through a weird quirk of coincidence, I (PBR) wrote one of the headline yarns for the magazine and our Friend-of-WARC Dave Watts took the photos. The story was a profile on Australian high performance director Chris O'Brien. The whole mag is a great read and I'm currently negotiating to get copies out to WA. You can read the whole thing here, my story starts page 74.
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

Copyright, for what it's worth, belongs to WARC except the stuff we've stolen from elsewhere. Apparently contact details are also supposed to go here, but frankly if you don't know where we're located, you're possibly subscribed to the wrong newsletter. Or you can call the President on 0428 923 661 or email if you need to know something. Cheers.
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