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Buckle up 

This weekend is Masters State Championships. We're a pretty strong masters club, and if you take a look at our history, it seems we always have been. I picked up a photograph of a man probably best described as the spiritual Godfather of WARC, George Rogers this week.

George rowed well into his 70s, apparently founded the Perth to Fremantle boat race and was considered a bit of a physiological marvel by the Sydney of University, who were so amazed at his ability into his twilight years, they called him in for testing.

Clearly, these blokes had never met Alan Salisbury.

Anyway, we have (as we always do in September) a big few weeks ahead of us as we slide down the rabbit hole of States/AGM/Annual Dinner/Masters/Nationals, all the while hope we manage to continue normal operations as the Barrack Square redevelopment creeps ever closer to the door.

In this edition
  • States
  • States afters
  • More new carbon
  • AGM
  • Sam's advice column
  • Oar fees
  • Annual Dinner
  • New exit
  • Head of the Charles
  • Saga of the Slips
  • Changing of the guard
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For the diary: 
  • Saturday August 30: Pennant regatta
  • Sunday August 31: Masters States
  • Monday, September 1: It's September. WTF.
  • Saturday September 13: States Day 1
  • Sunday September 14: States Day 2
  • Sunday, September 14: Your date with THE CHAD (States afters)
  • Monday, September 15: We strongly recommend you book the day off work
  • Friday, September 19: Pierre at RWA retires
  • Saturday, September 20: Ascot on Swan regatta.
  • Thursday, September 25: Coaching "Hour of Power" at RWA
  • Saturday, September 27: First Time Trial
  • Wednesday, October 1: WARC Annual General Meeting
  • Saturday, October 4: Rowing WA Club of the Year awards
  • Saturday, October 4: WARC Annual Dinner
  • Thursday October 9: Racing starts at World Masters in the 'Rat
  • Sunday October 12: Racing finishes at World Masters in the 'Rat
  • October 18-19: Head of the Charles
  • Sunday October 26: Second Time Trial, and UWA moves in
States, September 13-14
Our winter season ends with the States double-header regatta on September 13 and 14. For noobs, here's a few key points: If your family haven't come to see you race to date, this is the regatta for it. Most races have heats and finals, so if you've been doing the D/E straight finals, be ready for a shock to the system. Do not underestimate how tough this weekend will be: Remember to eat, wear sunscreen, drink water, rest up. Good luck Wests, GO RED.

After States
After States we will be celebrating the season that was 2014. The Chad has instructed Lou and Dee Sammut to host the after party at their house in Peppermint Grove. This means on Sunday of States, we:
1. Race.
2. Unload and wash at WARC
3. Organise ourselves to get to The Chad's post-States party.

Other details TBC, keep an eye on facebook and emails. NOTE: to our adolescent athletes, we hope you can come along for food frivolity at the party. Parents also welcome. We'll have some age-appropriate fines prepared... suggest you arrange to have someone collect you prior to 10pm.

Four new boats have arrived at WARC, from Sykes in Victoria. We have purchased two flat-bottomed boats set to revolutionise the experience of our entry-level, learn-to-row and Lord Mayor's Cup athletes. We've also picked up two sculls with removable riggers to replace the Cygnus and Galaxius which have both come to the end of their useful lives. Speak to your coach about when these boats will come into circulation.

Meanwhile, we named the new women's pair the Susanne Guy. You can read all about the background of this important boat name here. 

Annual General Meeting, October 1
This is your first formal notification of an Annual General Meeting. At this year's meeting we will look to introduce new criteria to guide the nomination and election of Life Members. There has been some discussion about a constitution revision - this has been postponed this to 2015 when new legislation governing incorporated bodies is introduced and RWA's constitution update is finalised. You can read the new life member criteria here. 

Also, a note: Regulars would be aware we are expected to presented audited accounts at the AGM. We will be providing a financial update at the AGM however our sponsors Butler Settineri are working hard at a comprehensive long term audit that will allow us to move from full audit to annual review in the future. An update will be provided, however this work is not scheduled for completion until November. Please get in touch with any queries or concerns.

Sam's advice column
Dear Sam,

I noticed the sculling blades now have proper racks on the western side of the club, rather than being haphazardly thrown in the corner. Firstly, I guess this is an improvement so well done. Secondly, are they organised in any special way?
Chaos Monster.

Dear CM.
Put them back in pairs, and put them back where you got them from. You know how I feel about things that are not in order.

Dear Sam,
Can I row the new boats? Can I can I can I can I?
Love, Mick.

Dear Mick, 
The new boats are all for general use so you can use them in the context of the boat use policy - check the guidelines here. Also, is this Mick Duxbury because didn't you already get the first row in the new sculls? And the newly-refurbished Vos? 

The next round of oarfees is out. Pay your invoices. You will also need to pay for States oar fees, so mentally put some money aside for that - it can get a bit expensive this time of year.

Annual Dinner October 4

We have a date. We have a theme.

Rumour has it we might have a special cocktail for the night.

Invitations to the Annual Dinner are due next week so this is just a heads-up that you need to save the date for what will be the social event of 2014: The WARC annual dinner.

Put it in your diary now before you forget. 


New exit

WARC is set to get a new temporary exit to the east of the club if discussions between Barrack Square developers Leighton Broad and the City of Perth go according to plan. The sitaution is the Barrack Square road is likely to get so narrow out the front of the Lucky Shag that we may not be able to get the trailer around and out. Leighton approached the City about building a new exit for WARC. You can read our submission to the City here.

Learn to row

Dates for the next round of Learn to Row programs are being set now. If you do hear of anyone that wants to participate in a program, please tell them to register their interest on I believe the Great Jimmy O will run the program again, if anyone would like to earn some pocket money coaching the LTR graduates over summer, please get in touch,

WARC five heading to Boston
Just a reminder we have five athletes heading to the Head of the Charles, which is celebrating its 50th race this year. WA's busiest rower, Peter Klemm, has been training with past President Sten Campbell, Bill Hutton and Peter Panizza in preparation for their campaign, and new family member Kevin Wall will join a Balmain team in the event. You can read all about Kev here. PK is also set to compete in the mixed double for the Director's Challenge for a charity event. We wish them well.

Saga of the slips 
WARC has been knocked back by the Department of Sport and Recreation for their Community Sporting and Recreational Facilities Fund, as we're located over water. In an effort to raise enough funds to cover some of the slips repair, we have applied to the Department of Heritage and are hopeful of a positive outcome - due in October. Meanwhile a Deck Users meeting has been called of stakeholders for September 4. For more information, please email

And to watch the amazing timelapse video of our most recent deck repair work, check it out here!

A fond farewell to Pierre
Anyone who has rowed for more than five minutes has probably met Rowing WA executive officer Pierre Pougnault who, for something like 15 years, has been the go-to man for all things rowing in this State. Pierre winds up his time with the sport on Friday, September 19 and will be formally recognised for his dedication and support at the Rowing WA brunch on October 4. We would hope anyone who has had cause to call Pierre and ask any of the many, many questions he has fielded over the years will take the time to say thanks. 

Our new website
Look, it's under construction ok? We're going as fast as we can!

Mike Smith has put together a great framework to build a new website, which will include four secions:
  • Events (functions)
  • Rowing 
  • Rowing operations (so essentailly the stuff from the blog)
  • History (reproduction of all the historical stuff we have.)

Once the events section is complete - which is tantilisingly close, we're just waiting on final new events packages to load up, the site will go live. Rowing pages will just have links to the blog and contact details for the near future.
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

Copyright, for what it's worth, belongs to WARC except the stuff we've stolen from elsewhere. Apparently contact details are also supposed to go here, but frankly if you don't know where we're located, you're possibly subscribed to the wrong newsletter. Or you can call the President on 0428 923 661 or email if you need to know something. Cheers.
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