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WARC Newsletter DECEMBER 2013

This is your Captain purring

We had a great result to the two WA crews, racing as ANA, at this year's Head of the Yarra race in Melbroune. The women's crew, which included Deb Mason, Suzanne Neal and Deanne Sammut, finished a very respectable sixth in the Female D-grade race, and the Men's Crew including Peter Panizza finished third in the Mens Master's D-grade event.

A big congratulations aso to the following WARC and UWABC members have been invited to attend the December National timetrial weekend on the Nepean river:
  • Hannah Vermeersch (WARC)
  • Janelle Austin (WARC)
  • Maia Simmonds (UWABC)
  • Grant Adendorff (UWABC) 
  • Tim Widdicombe (UWABC)
The gang will complete a four x 5km timetrial over the three days at Penrith. I am sure I am not alone in wishing them a successful campaign.

In boats of perhaps lesser speed but no less prestige, the second annual chook cup was won in style by Peta, Michelle, Janet and Lauren - coxed implecabily by Chook himself.

Planning for the biggest event on the WARC fundraising calendar is underway. The Lord Mayor''s Cup will be held on March 27, with the five week training program set to start mid-February.

For those of you who are new to the club, the Lord Mayor's Cup gives Perth businesses the opportunity to compete against each other after over a 500m race after four weeks of training, with an emphasis on team-building and problem solving.

Traditionally, the regatta has been a fun event with a good sense of humour and prizes for best-dressed crews. We have a range of races for all levels of experience, awesome prizes and also cater for those who wish to have a grudge match perhaps within a company.

The club relies heavily on club members advertising the LMC to their employers, and putting together teams of four from their coworkers in order to secure enough entries to make the event a success, so please start asking around and generate some interest!

This will be the last newsletter for 2013. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year and we look forward to building on our success in 2014.

In this edition
  • The deck is carnivorous
  • New gear
  • Skyworks
  • Learn-to-row
  • The Chook Cup - results!
  • River Room update
  • Summer rowing

Dates for the Diary
  • Sunday, December 8: SUNDOWNER CANCELLED (Sorry we've got a bit too much to organise at the moment!)
  • Friday-Sunday, December 13-15: Penrith National timetrial for invited athletes
  • Saturday, December 14: WA timetrial at Champion Lakes
  • Wednesday, January 1: Skyworks tickets increase to $150
  • Friday January 24: WARC Skyworks deck constructed
  • Sunday, January 26: SKYWORKS
  • Saturday, February 8: Busy Bee
  • Wednesday, February 12: Lord Mayor's Cup information night
(a safety warning)

We had a critical incident on the deck this weekend.

(no, it wasn't the hurling of jellyfish, however that also happened).

A WARC athlete sustained serious bruising and will spend months recovering after his leg was caught between two planks on the deck on Sunday morning. 

Our investigations have suggested that the end of the plank had deteriorated, compromising the integrity of the bolts securing it to the cross beams.

When the plank gave way, his leg dropped through the gap, then became lodged fast between the two planks.

A plank had to be removed to free him, and an ambulance transport took him to the Royal Perth Hospital emergency department.

Fortunately, there was no broken bones.

The management committe is investigating how to manage this risk urgently.

In the meantime, this is a reminder to take time and care on the deck. Move slowly and carefully, and be aware of your surroundings.

We have three (or so...) major new purchases coming up.

New blades: Eight new M4 Croker blades have been ordered for use in the upcoming pennant winter season. These blades mean we can retire some of the older kit in 2014 and everyone will have access to better gear. It will also be the first club blades ordered in RED for a long time - HOORAY. These new blades will be mothballed until the start of winter 2014.

High-pressure cleaner: To help mitigate the risk posed by the carnivorous deck (see above post), we have voted to purchase a new high-pressure cleaner.

Function room airconditioning: The Building Maintenance Committee is working with Helen to instal aircon in the function room. This will help attract more functions in the hot months from Jan to March.

The team behind Skyworks 2014 has now published posters, a facebook group, a website and is storming ahead with detailed planning.

Ticket prices will go up from $130 per person to $150 per person on January 1, so book your spot now to avoid the extra slug.

For more details, and to get your ticket:

Learn2Row has been going great this year, with the third session almost finished. Along with the rest of us, the newbies have been challenged by the weather but Jimmy tries to expose them to all the challenges of Westies rowing, within reason.

We have had six or seven continue on from the first two sessions, so say hi if you see any new, and perhaps terrified, faces around.

Kudos to John, John, Jenny, Lauren and Erin who even braved the Chook Cup!

Due to popular demand, a January session has been added this year. This is a perfect opportunity to give your friends and family the Christmas gift of a life time. Gift certificates are available if you want to sign them up. The January session runs the 9, 11, 13, 16, and 18th.

For more info, email

Once we recovered from the attendance of firefighters and ambulance crews and ascertained injuries were not life-threatning, the Chook Cup went on to be a huge success.

We had seven scratch crews (strategically "drawn out of a hat") battle it out on the water over 500m in a sudden-death two-boat challenge.

Cheating was encouraged (indeed, necessary) the two crews who competed in the final were subjected to flying jellyfish.

Chook's crew was victorious, rounded out by Lauren, Madame President PBR, Michelle B and Janet S. Cormac manned the barbecue, Hayley stroked the runners-up crew (although was very neraly convinced by her crewmates to compete the race backwards.) 

The River Room will hit a new record this December for the number of functions during this busy season. Please be patient and courteous ruding this insanity, and aware that your access to WARC may be compromised during this period.

Functions include:
Wednesday 4th December: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Thursday 5th December: 4.30pm – 7.30pm
Friday 6th: 7.30pm – midnight
Saturday 7th: 6pm - 11pm
Sunday 8th: 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 11th: 5pm - 8pm
Thursday 12th: 1pm - 4pm
Friday 13th: 6.30pm – 11.30pm
Saturday 14th: 6pm - 11.30pm
Monday 16th: 5pm - 8pm
Thursday 19th: 6pm - 12pm
Friday 20th: 1pm - 5pm
Saturday 21st: 7pm - midnight
Sunday 22nd: 2pm - 5pm
Monday 23rd: 1.30pm - 6.30pm

PHEW. Please give Helen a hand if she asks for it!
(aka everyone else who isn't iRow, Nationals, LTR, LMC)

About 20 WARCers have been regularly training as part of the Casual Summer Rowing Program on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and the program will continue throughout December.
As we get into this time of year, there will be more graduates from the Learn to Row program coming through and we’d ask all experienced WARC athletes to take the initiative to introduce themselves to new faces, show them the ropes and give them a hand in integrating into club life.
As we get more LTR graduates coming through this group will likely become a separate cohort to hone their rowing skills as we head into 2014.

Happy rowing everyone.
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

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