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25th annual Lord Mayor's Cup regatta

Attention Westies Rowers! Your Club needs you!

Please let the Lord Mayor's Cup committee know how you can help out with this major event by emailing

Please also take note of the important dates coming up in the next two months and contact us if you can help:

  • Today(ish): LMC Registrations close

  • Saturday February 15, 8am: Coaches training session

  • Wednesday February 12, 6.30pm: Corporate Crew Orientation

  • Monday, February 17: Training starts

  • Sunday, March 23: Lord Mayor's Cup

If you wish to continue rowing between Feb 17 and March 23, you will be expected to register as a Lord Mayor's Cup volunteer.

Thanks everyone,
LMC committee 2014

From President Peta:
The collective membership of WARC makes up a creature far greater than the sum of its parts. I was reminded of this again when the Lord Mayor’s Cup committee of 2014 delivered 25 entries for our 25th event.

From 1989, we have built on our experience year on year, melding tradition with new ideas and innovations to expose “civilians” to the sport and our club. Some of those civilians have stuck around and become rowers… captains... vice presidents.

Perhaps you inwardly groan when asked to help out with the Lord Mayor’s Cup. Perhaps you become enthusiastic at having the opportunity pass on your knowledge and experience in your own way to the next wave of athletes to grace our treacherous deck - after all, there is no true right or wrong way to teach newbies to row. The main requirement for teaching is little more than a love for the sport (and a bit of patience.)

Whatever the reason to put your hand up, be it loyalty, habit, enthusiasm - or that you have begrudgingly conceded to acquiesce to the barrage of emails from the organising committee - I hope it is primarily because you are proud to be part of the WARC community.

It is a curious, 145 year-old beast comprising more than 400 recipients of this email who, for whatever reason, like to keep an eye on what its up to.

(Also, if Jess Coyle doesn’t get enough people to help out, she will probably go insane.)

Yours in all things rowing,




Dredging works have commenced within the Swan River to widen existing channels and create a new navigation channel to allow boats to enter the future inlet to Elizabeth Quay. WARC has been in contact with Leighton Broad and do not expect any impact on rowing operations however this is set to you as an FYI.

Check out this map of the five dredging areas for more info.

Also, this is the new road layout for Riverside Drive, which has been diverted around the city-side of the Elizabeth Quad development: Check out the video here.



Kirsty Augustson is looking to put in a bulk order for bowlights since it will probably start getting dark soon. Boo.

Lights must emit a constant 360-degree white light. To be safe, we recommend the one pictured left.

To be part of the bulk order, email and check out the lights here.  
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