Time to christen some new carbon
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Boat naming: Saturday
We have added a new craft to the WA Rowing Club family. 

And we will be christening the new carbon on Saturday, June 14 at 9am. Please come along, and bring a $2 donation, because we have a secret plan...

As for the boat, it's beautiful new men's pair which means the much-loved *cough* Banananarama boat may no longer be required for racing crews <insert sounds of much rejoicing here>

The boat was bought largely through donations which is cool, thanks team.

The name for the new boat has been carefully kept under wraps so no one knows what it will be. You can have a read of some of the things we considered here. If you want to know, and would like to catch up with the WARC family, come along.

Also, one other thing: WARC will be hosting the July 5 regatta and as always we're looking for volunteers. If you have some time to come and cook, commentate, drive dinghies, whatever, we will be eternally grateful. Email to sign up.

There's the normal crazy volume of stuff happening at WARC at the moment, so stay tuned for the next newsletter, and if you have been missing us, you can always go check out the facebook page and the blog!

Love and all that stuff,
President PBR

PS. Yeah can't think of anything this time.
PPS. If this seems a little haphazardly written, forgive us. That's kinda how we roll these days..


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