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So what are you doing this weekend?

Happy Christmas everyone. This Sunday is the re-named and re-branded scratch racing extravaganza for all, the Reindeer (not-the-Chook-Cup) Regatta. Check out the history of the event here but more importantly, go RSVP and come along for bacon, scratch racing, and watching El Butza try to squish himself into the cox seat.

The Great Raffle
You may have noted you get the occasional email to see how sales are going on this. As we're trying to track the sales of 2500 tickets, the only way we know how sales are going is to ask, so please don't hesitate coming forward with data for us. It's been a tough one to coordinate!
All approved
WARC has secured all required planning approvals from Government agencies for the deck replacement - HOORAY! Mike Smith, Sam Hughes, Clem Williams, John Vos, engineer Joe Wyche and architect Bruce Callow are now working on the final design and quotes, with a timeline looking for construction in March. Email if you want to get involved, or read more here. 
The Big Al
Apologies for the graphic image of carbon damage there, I know some viewers will have found it disturbing. Update on the Big Al crash here, but key is that no one was injured, thank goodness.
Deck congestion
Ok, pay attention, this is complicated:

Casual Rowers: You need to have your boatings sorted by 5am, and then you can launch between Nationals Round One (5am) and Nationals Round Two (5.30am). This will help you get out on the water earlier. The deck is the bottle neck at our club...we know. That's why we're replacing it with a bigger one. In the meantime, be good to each other. 
Keeping on the road
WARC is working closely with the MRA, Leighton Broad, the City of Perth and the Department of Planning to keep the second exit off our service lane. This would mean we will never again have to negotiate Barrack Square with a boat trailer. Get the full update here. 
Good news everyone!
The river room is booked for Skyshow! This is great news as the pressure is off the club to run some sort of event for it... *phew* and even better, you can buy tickets as it's a public event. Email for more. 
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