You bought a raffle ticket. This is what we did with the proceeds.
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You bought a ticket and gave us a deck

A while back, someone you know hassled you to buy a $20 raffle ticket to go into the draw to win a $10,000 holiday to wherever you wanted to go.

It was an expensive gamble - for a raffle ticket - and perhaps you only bought it to support your friend. Maybe you didn't even know what it was in aid of.

Well, we wanted to let you know, your raffle ticket might not have got you on a plane to the Carribbean (although it did for one very lucky family!), but it has given a beautiful old rowing club in Perth a new lease of life.

Next week, work will begin on a replacing the launch deck of the West Australian Rowing Club, a $100K< project that has been planned, discussed and dreamed about over late night vino for about 20 years.

As President of the club, it is hard to believe it is finally going to come to fruition. So far, we have spent more than 400 days going through approvals, raised in excess of $50,000, received a Heritage grant for $50,000 and within a week, the old deck will be gone.

To you, who put your hand in your pocket, thank you. 

If you would like to know more about the deck, come down and participate in pulling it apart next week, or perhaps even buy some of the old sleepers ($50 a pop!) please contact me on


More than 80 railway sleepers from the old Bunbury rail yard that have spent the last 40 years on the Swan River at the West Australian Rowing Club.

Sleepers are due to be lifted next week and they are an absolute piece of West Australian history: First a part of our public transport system, then part of a heritage-listed rowing club.

Suitable for pretty much anything and strong as hell, although we don't recommend walking on them when they are (a) wet, (b) growing algae and (c) topped with jelly fish. 

Will suit artists, gardeners, furniture enthusiasts, historians or whatever else. And if you turn them into something awesome, please tell us about it!

Enquiries to: Peta Rule, or 0428 923 661.

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