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WARC Newsletter May 2014  For more stuff, visit the blog - Click here

Budget season 

It's not just the State and Federal Governments that have been number crunching this month. WARC treasurer Kirsty Augustson has had the calculator out and has put together a budget for WARC which shows very clearly where our rowing-related cash comes from, and ultimately goes to. You can check out the low-down in an inforgraphic here - and we strongly recommend you do, as it explains how the business of rowing works, and the membership forms are there too.  

2014 membership

...And as a follow-on from above, memberships are now due. As per usual, this does mean completing a membership form and emailing it in to WARC. There are a couple of changes though, so here's a few tips for new and old players:
  • The bank account number has changed. If you have previously made payments to WARC, please CHECK your bank details match the membership form.
  • Email forms to
  • It is acceptable to fill out the form and take a photograph of it, then email in
  • Only send in a form if you have actually made a direct debit payment, or have included credit-card details
  • Make sure you are paying the right amount of membership

If you're not sure about your membership fees, a handy flow chart has been prepared to help you out. See below, or see it online here.

Finally, in an effort to improve our marketing, we're going to be daggy and say "Please like us on facebook" however we PROMISE the stuff we post is interesting. And sometimes amusing. Check it out here  and if you really want, follow us on Twitter @warowingclub

p.s. If you want to know what is happening at WARC in coming weeks/months, you can check out our online calendar here. Suggest you look at it in "Agenda" mode, as that's much easier to see.

pps. next month we'll introduce you to our new events and functions manager Stef, but at the moment we don't have a pic of her, so you'll all just have to wait. But she's awesome.
For the diary

Sunday May 4: Perth to Fremantle regatta
Week starting May 4: 5km testing 
Wednesday May 7: Yoga with Greg
Thursday May 8: Committee meeting
Friday May 9: The Regatta Shop window CLOSES. 
Sunday May 11: Bunbury 1 entries due
Wednesday May 14: Yoga with Greg
Saturday, May 17: Bunbury 1
Wednesday May 21: Yoga with Greg
Sunday May 24: HBF Run for a Reason
Sunday May 24: Canning regatta entries due
Wednesday May 28: Yoga with Greg
Saturday May 31: Canning pennant regatta
Lookin' smart - WARC uniforms for sale

WARC finally has a club page at The Regatta Shop! This is how uniform purchasing works: The Regatta Shop gives us a two-week window (CURRENTLY OPEN) in which we can order uniforms. You place the order yourself direct with Regatta Shop, it is delivered to WARC and you save on postage fees. Check out our new range of kit here.  You can buy items outside the "open window", but it will incur a postage fee.
Yoga is back! Wednesdays, 6pm

Favourite WARC yogi Greg Zhender will be taking yoga classes on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 7.30pm for the rest of May. Cost is $15 per class, or a discount to complete all the classes.
No experience is necessary for Greg's class - but they're sufficiently challenging for experienced yoga participants as well. No equipment is necessary either - Greg brings it all in his trailer. Greg teaches Iengar style yoga which has a focus on core strength and correct posture - critical for the rowing stroke. Feel free to come join.
Improve 10 per cent 

Bear Grylls says it takes five small things make a huge screwup. We take the same approach to running WARC. If five small things go wrong in a morning, it can have major consequences. Here's an example:
(1) someone is late
(2) someone doesn't have a bowlight
(3) someone didn't scrub the deck
(4) someone skipped helping with a speedboat
(5) someone lost some bolts and washers.

Each of these things is small, but combined they mean a late start, frustrated athletes and a dangerous environment. Our request to athletes this month, as it starts to get a bit cold and dark, is to improve one thing you do. A small improvement from everyone will result in a huge benefit to all. Hopefully. 
Sam's* Advice Column, chapter 1

Dear Sam,
Why do all the backstays keep shattering at the top?
With love, A Zinga Regular.

Hi AZR. That's a good question, I'm glad you asked. It's because the top nut needs to be loosened before a boat is derigged. Allow me to elaborate: This is a picture of a 13mm top nut on a gate. It connects the backstay to the pin which the gate slides on to. If the top nut is tight when the backstay is moved, it damages the narrow part of the backstay that connects it to the pin.

I recommend you buy a 13mm spanner for your tool kit and make sure you to loosen the top nut by about half-a-turn BEFORE derigging a boat.
Sam's* Advice Column, chapter 2

Dear Sam.
I watched Joe Morris tie a boat down on the trailer at loading a few weeks ago. I was enthralled by the grace and time he spent undertaking the task, and the resulting knot was a work of art that looked not entirely unlike a bowl of spaghetti. Is this the best way to tie down a boat, and how do I learn how?
With love, Not Joe.

Hi Not Joe. I admit, Joe is as graceful as a gazelle but he can't tie a boat for bollocks. This youtube clip features a rather uncharasmatic British bloke, but does show clearly an effective and safe way to tie a boat, and look like you know what you're doing. Enjoy.

*Sam's advice is not necessarily replicated verbatim, although the content is more or less correct. We think.

Australian Masters

Deb Mason, Dee Sammut, Pam Riley, Pete Panizza, Nick Bretland and friend-of-WARC Helene Wipf-Grant (the latter two pictured) are representing WARC in Adelaide at the Australian Masters Regatta this week. As we go to press, Dee has just picked up a silver in the mixed C double scull, and there have been some great results across the board. There's also been hail. We look forward to welcoming them home again!
Run for a reason
Rowers not averse to travelling in a forwards trajectory over land (rather than backwards over water) may be interested in signing up to join the WARC HBF Run for a Reason team. If we get 25 participants, everyone gets a HBF hoodie, apparently. Also we need to beat UWABC which STOLE Janelle's idea to bring rowers together for a team and is now trying to poach our runners!

So, stop procrastinating and sign up here and register under WARC. For more information, email Janelle on 
Go Hannah
Congrats our own Hannah Vermeersch for being named in the Aus rowing team. Represent! Also congrats to friends of WARC, Rhys "my hair is amazing" Grant, Perry Ward, Maria Simons - oops, Maia Simmonds, Thomas Fairclough, David Watts, Alex Hagan and Josh Hicks.
That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

Copyright, for what it's worth, belongs to WARC except the stuff we've stolen from elsewhere. Apparently contact details are also supposed to go here, but frankly if you don't know where we're located, you're possibly subscribed to the wrong newsletter. Or you can call the President on 0428 923 661 or email if you need to know something. Cheers.
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