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The year 2018 not actually that far away.

WARC will turn 150 years old in 2018. That we have survived so long already is remarkable, and we continue on. 

With this in mind, I plan, the next few years, to build on our shared history so that by 2018, we have a public, free and available online catalogue.

As President I'm writing to ask that anyone with historical pictures, files, documents or books that relate to WARC take some time over the next month or so to photocopy, photograph, scan or otherwise make available to us whatever it is you have.

If you would like to arrange storage of WARC "stuff", we can help take care of that too.

You have have noticed we have more than 40 documents loaded already in our website. This is the first time documents like Guy Negus's watershed history of the club has been available to all, free of charge.

Our history should be a living, shared experience. I'm not asking people to return beloved and cared for items they may cherish: I understand that committees come and go, and sometimes we make mistakes.

What I am asking that you record what you've got, and provide a copy to the club. In the past five years the capacity to share information like this has been revolutionised with technology, and I'm very keen that WARC takes advantage of that.

It is out of a sense of desperation I write this email, as I so often receive letters or emails of exasperation saying "oh but that's not the way it was" or "I have this documents at home", only to find no one remaining that the club knows anything about it, and any information is scarce.

As volunteers, we don't have anyone dedicated to this cause. That's why we need your help to record our history. 

Please help us share this love of the club. If you have something to share - like the remarkable watercolour painting above - please record it somehow and send it through. 

Peta Rule
WARC President

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