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Westies Newsletter JUNE 2013

This is your Captain speaking...


Welcome to June. And Winter. Bleah.

We all know the only good thing about Winter is rowing. (Except when it's 2 degrees. Then- not so much.) So, on with the rowing!

We've got our second pennant regatta of the season happening this Saturday at Canning Bridge and a bunch of other dates for you to put in the diary.

Most importantly, the Boat Naming Ceremony for our new carbon (the pretty yellow one and the skinny white one) will be held on Sunday June 16. Hope you can all be there.

There are a couple of other house keeping notices below for those of you who are racing and/or using the club regularly. It's not a long newsletter but it is important so please read carefully and, as always, shoot any questions, queries or comments to

See you down the shed.

Captain JD
In this edition
  • Boat Naming Ceremony
  • Boat usage Policy
  • Keep WARC Beautiful
  • Equipment Damage
  • WARC Weekend Away
  • Save the Date
  • World Masters Games- Torino 2013
  • Racing Season- It's On

Dates for the Diary
  • SRRC Pennant Regatta, Canning, Saturday June 8
  • Boat Naming, Sunday June 16
  • ANA Pennant Regatta, Champion Lakes, Saturday June 22
  • WARC Pennant Regatta, Champion Lakes, Saturday July 6
  • MURC Pennant Regatta, Champion Lakes, Saturday July 20
  • PRC Masters Regatta, Champion Lakes, Sunday July 21
  • WARC Weekend Away, July 26-28


As most of you are aware, Westies have recently aquired some new carbon- one eight of the yellow variety and a much needed Lightweight Women's Coxless four/quad to add to our ever growing fleet.

We have locked in the morning of Sunday June 16 for the boat naming ceremony and hope to see all our club members in attendance as we honour a couple of people who are very important to WARC.  

We will kick off the ceremony at 9am and follow it up with a barbeque so you can stick around to catch up with Westies old and new. Hope to see everyone there.


Our boat usage policy has recently been updated and there are now several copies stuck around the shed. For those who are on the WARC Winter Facebook page, you can also view a copy there. If you haven’t seen either of these copies and would like to get your hands on one, please email me ( and I will be happy to shoot one through.

The main changes are that we have removed the allocation to specific squads and have now got three categories for boats- Novice, for the use of any rowers in LTR or above; General, for the use of any rower with a minimum of experience of 2 competitive seasons or with less experience but under the supervision of a coach (in the event of a boat shortage) and; Restricted, to be used by athletes with a high level of proficiency (A or B Grade) or with prior approval of the captain.

Please speak to Sam or I if you have any queries regarding the policy.


Thanks to everyone who helped out at last week’s busy bee! It was a great turn out and the shed looked amazing; for a day at least.

Please endeavour to keep the shed in tip top order between busy bees by doing the following- 

Pick up your stuff and take it home with you. The shed is not your bedroom. Even if it does feel like it sometimes.

Return equipment to wherever you found it. This includes (but is not limited to) oars, boats, bow lights, tools, sugar soap, riggers, trestles, etc.
The cleaner we keep it now, the less time we will need to spend at the next busy bee.

Scrub the deck, all of the deck, on your allocated days. It gets slippery on the middle planks too you know!

Generally, be respectful of the space where, most of us, spend way too much time.

And on that note...


You will notice our damage board has been recently cleaned. It seems we need to remind everyone again about how this is used.
Here are the rules. If you break something:
  1. Tell your coach
  2. Write it on the board- legibly. With your name and the date of the breakage.
  3. Email so Sam knows what is going on and can fix it
Ultimately, it is not a big deal if you break stuff. These things happen and our main concern is that no one gets hurt.
It is a big deal if we don't know about it and more stuff gets broken. Then we get mad. So please stick to the rules  and keep Sam happy!


Register your interest

On the weekend of 26-28 July Westies will be holding its annual club weekend away! Come away for a weekend of activities and socialising at Nanga Bush Camp ( ). Cost for the weekend will be ~$100 per person and will include two nights’ accommodation and all meals from Friday night to Sunday morning, plus of course, some games for entertainment designed to generate some healthy rivalry (like we need any help).

The facility does boast its own indoor basketball ring, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, campfire pit and firemen’s poles so make sure you block out the date in your calendar!

Please register your interest by emailing Angela at by Friday 21st June 2013.

Once we get a better idea of numbers we will distribute full details and nail down all costs for the weekend. Once firm details are released you will be asked to confirm your attendance.



Our fundraising committee have booked in a Winter Warmer evening for Friday June 21st. This event is TBC but save the date for now and we will confirm if it’s going ahead and send through further details by the end of the week.



If there are any WARC athletes planning to head to Torino in August, can you please email and let me know so I can distribute the information that comes through to me to the right people. Cheers!


Our second Pennant regatta of the season is on this Saturday at Canning Bridge (Please don’t drive to Champion Lakes. All that will achieve is you being alone. In Armadale.)

I have included the next few regattas in our Dates for the Diary above. Please take note of these.

For those who are still getting used to how the racing stuff works, here’s the low down. Coaches have to input entries the week prior to a regatta. This is a time consuming effort requiring at least one coaches meeting, many emails and a couple of hours in front of the computer actually inputting your entries. This is followed by at least three hours of work to get the run sheet ready so you have a nice easy time of it come regatta day.  

Here’s how you can make it easier. When your coach emails to ask you your availability (likely the Monday, a fortnight before the regatta) let them know STRAIGHT AWAY. If you tell them on Friday it’s likely they will have started figuring out crews already and you have just caused them an extra 30 minutes work.

And after that- DON’T PULL OUT (unless you have a very good reason for doing so). This also results in a heap of extra effort having to be put in behind the scenes to replace you.

Put the dates in your diary now and make life easier for all!

On that note- good luck to everyone racing this weekend! May the wind be non-existent and the notorious Canning course be easy.

That's it for this month! Any queries, concerns or general comments, flick me an email to

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