Rowing: More than a name
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What's in a name?

Sometimes there's not much to a name. The Moose, for example. That was a prank played by Andrew Taylor and we still are discovering new sneaky "Moose" stickers plastered in secret places around WARC.

There's the Three Sisters... which is named after three sisters... the Slippery When Wet which has more than lived up to its name over the years and the Usual Suspects which was purchased by... the usual suspects.

I am, of course, referring to some of the names of the boats at WARC.

Not all of them have ridiculous names (Big Cheese, anyone?). Some have noble, admirable names. The Bill Irvine. Marie Limb. Clem Williams. Tim James. Alan Salisbury (twice over). 

Tomorrow morning at 9am, we'll be christening our newest addition to the fleet, a 80kg average beautiful Sykes pair/double.

Most of you will already know this via facebook and word-of-mouth. If you are around tomorrow morning, come down to the club to find out the name of our newest boat. Grab a coffee, have a chat, re-live old times or create new times.

In the eternal words of Bill Irvine himself: Rowing: That's what turns me on.

Peta Rule
WARC President

For what it's worth, this copy is copyright of WARC but if you feel the need to steal this, can I suggest you're probably in the wrong job. This box is also for our address... which is on Riverside Drive in the city. 

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