This Sunday, January 20, WARC will play host to the third day of the BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series.

The BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series is a major international sporting event managed by Swimming Australia in partnership with the Western Australian State Government and BHP Billiton.

The BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series is a unique festival of elite and mass participation aquatic sport, including an elite international water polo competition featuring Australia, Croatia and China and a mass participation open water swim in the Swan River, combining both elite athlete and general participation. (For full details, check out

This is a huge event and will give our shed exposure to a massive audience. However, as always, there is a catch. Below is the schedule of things which may affect your use of the shed over the next few days. Please read them carefully and email if you have any queries.

Thursday 17 January:
Aquatic Carpet will be laid on the deck. DON”T PANIC. This won’t affect your ability to get your boat on and off the water. In fact, the carpet is designed to make the deck less slippery so it should make your life easier. Win.

Saturday 19 January:
There will be no access to parking at the front of the shed on Saturday. Even if you think you spot a space, please park on Riverside Drive.

Also, to lessen the risk on our boats on Sunday, we will need to de-rig all of the boats facing the aisles in and out of the shed. If you row on Saturday morning, please stick around for 20 minutes, grab a spanner and de-rig a boat. If you’re not sure which boats to de-rig, ask me. If you could help out by doing a general tidy up, both upstairs and down, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Sunday 20 January:
There will be NO ACCESS to the club on this day. Please save your rowing session for later- everything will be back to normal on Monday morning.


The Nationals Squad is urgently looking for volunteers to drive a trailer to NSW State Champs. We will be taking one trailer for the athletes from WARC (Nick & Sam), ANA & Fremantle - using the Fremantle trailer. All expenses will be covered and even if a volunteer can only do one way that would be fantastic.

Dates of the events are:

NSW state champs 15-17 February
World Cup Trials 18-20 February

Ideally I expect that boats would have to arrive in NSW 2 days beforehand (say 13th) and it takes 4 days to drive across (3 if you are quick).

Therefore travel dates would be:

Leaving Perth 10th February, Arriving Penrith 13th Feb
Leaving Penrith 20th/21st February, Arriving Perth 24th February

We are also looking for volunteers for driving trailers to Nationals (18th to 24th March).
If anyone is interested/available to help out for either of those dates, please email me

Jess Donnelly