Safety Code 6 Update!
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Good afternoon, 

It has been a busy month in the lead up to the Royal Society's review of Safety Code 6. For starters two additional conflicted panelists have resigned, the panel chair has been re selected replacing Daniel Krewski, and the date for the public consulation has now been confirmed to be Oct 28th, 2013 in Ottawa. (click here to read). If you had requested and been confirmed for a spot back in July to speak to the panel, you should now have received a 2nd confirmation from Russel at the RSC regarding your spot on Oct 28th. If you did not receive his email you should contact him immediately at or by telephone at 613-991-6990 Ext. 111 .

Please note, as per the RSC protocols, once a formal invitation is sent out (we anticipate this over the next few days) you have 7 days to prepare and submit an outline of your presentation. (click here to read the protocols) .  We will confirm when that formal invitation has been sent. 

If you have been confirmed for Oct 28th, we ask you to please contact Marg Friesen at who is coordinating efforts for the event.

If you have not submitted a request, it is not too late to request an opportunity to make your concerns known to the panel reviewing Safety Code 6. This can be done either in person, video conference, or written submissions. (click here to do so) 

Aside from the SC6 review, we had a successful launch of our national anti Wi-Fi in schools campaign with great media coverage of our efforts on Sept 4th - the first day of school. (click here to see the coverage)  To submit a profile of your school boards roll out, or plans for WiFi in the classroom, please e-mail us at

We are also launching a focus on our website on Canadians suffering from electrosensitivity.  We want people to understand how exposure to wireless radiation (allowable under Safety Code 6) can harm human health. 

If you are affected, please tell us your story, setting out the details as briefly as you can, in 300- 400 words; and the challenges you face in your daily life. Send your story to us at

Include a few sentences on:

  • your symptoms – in a bullet list  
  • what seems to make your symptom(s) better, or worse 
  • what might have led to these and how long you have noticed them (Started a new job in a high-tech office .......  a few years ago and ...
  • impact on your daily life (I am a student (a teacher) and unable to attend/work in our WiFi-enabled school ...
  • what your doctor (s) has advised - any diagnosis? 
  • other?
Lastly, and working off of the recent successes in Oakville and Thorold where the municipalities have put moratoriums in place re new cell tower/antenna installations until SC6 has been reviewed, we are accepting new profiles. If your community or one that you know of is facing an unwanted tower or antenna installation, please e-mail us at 

Thank you for your continued support. We will update you again as we get closer to Oct 28th. 

Frank Clegg


Request a spot to present your concerns to the RSC Panel reviewing SC6. Click Here
Are you a Canadian suffering from electrosensitivity? Send us your story. Click Here.
Is your community facing an unwanted cell tower/antenna installation? Click Here
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