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London From Scratch
Hello lovely foodie friends!
Now I know this is mean of me but I'm going to give you two numbers:
1) 55
2) 3
I'll come back to 55 in a bit. '3' is the number of Supperclubs I'm doing between now and the end of the year.  That's right,  only 3 left. So if you've been thinking of coming along for a while, get your skates on and shoot me an email. Veggie and pescy options available. 
I'm off to Tuscany shortly as a guest of Fillipo Berio and I'll share new Italian recipes soon. In the meantime, I'm sharing my most requested dessert recipe from the Supperclub this year. It's not difficult but does have many components, so if you fancy having a go, just tackle the elements over several days or you'll end up cursing me (and I can do without curses at the moment; broken ankle, divorce, favourite plant died). 
And 55? Days until Christmas (there, I've said it). 
Happy munching until next time we meet with something caught between our teeth. 
Michelle x

Our Last 3 SupperClub Dates for 2017

featuring our signature Australian fusion menu.

November SupperClub Dates

New Dessert Recipe

Try saying this after a few too many dessert wines:
Almond pud with sticky orange centre, lime curd, salted caramel, peanut brittle, orange cream, vanilla salt and Persian fairy floss


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Obligatory Eyeballs.
Because, Halloween

My quinoa and peanut patties with veal ragu and coriander pesto. With optional chocolate eyeball for the perfect Halloween treat.


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