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I hope everyone is doing ok in these crazy, uncertain times.  Here in Australia, we are in phase one of lockdown - the close of ‘non-essential’ services.  It will likely only be a matter of time before we are instructed to remain at home, and only essential service workers (deliveries, emergency services etc) will be allowed to continue to go to work.


I know many of us are probably feeling unsettled, alarmed and a little scared with what the future holds.  I know that we will get through this, but it could be a rough few months.  I'm also wired to try to find opportunity and ‘the bright side’ in all situations - I really can't help it.  I guess that's what makes me a good horse trainer and coach.   I wasn’t always like that - in my late teens and early twenties, I was a certified practitioner of the ‘doom and gloom’ persuasion.


I finally got to a point in my mid to late twenties where I really thought - what is the point of all this?  Waking up each day and finding the negative, being critical (of myself and others), and speaking through each day with more sarcasm than a Texan in a vegan restaurant.  It was pretty exhausting.  I started then, and continue to this day to wire myself for positivity, gratitude, and, as mentioned, to look on the bright side.  So whilst I am fully aware of the health and economical uncertainty our planet faces at the moment, I want to look on the bright side.  And one of those is, that many of us are about to have a heap more time to spend with our horses. 

I am well aware of the need for many people to tighten the purse strings at thise stage, so I am offering training ranging from Free of Charge up to regular clinic costs.  My plan is to continue to share my services to current and new students as follows;

Weekly Article Direct to inbox.  If you are already part of our email news list, you will know that you receive a free weekly article directly to your inbox.  This article can be on a range of topics from training, horse psychology, human psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and any topic that comes to my mind when I'm writing it!  Usually sent out on Mondays - a great kickstart to your week!  Cost: $FREE - Access - Send us your email address.  NOTE - I do post the link to the articles on Facebook but you are not always guaranteed to see it.  I also will occasionally send them as only emails - they will not be publicly posted, so send in your email to receive each one.


Online training Workshops.  Currently Monthly.  Each month I do a live online training workshop to anyone who has joined.  These are held on Facebook, cover a range of topics (see poster for upcoming workshops) and each participant receives a workbook via email.  Cost: $FREE Access - Send us a message!


Wednesday Night LIVE!  WNL is going to make a comeback!  After starting our popular live show as Monday Night Live back in April 2017 - can you BELIEVE they are 3 years old!  We changed to Wednesday Night Live and then at the end of 2019 took a little break.  Due to popular demand, we will be recommencing WNL each week.  Cost: $FREE - Access - on our Facebook Business page - Tanja Kraus Horsemanship.


Online Training Videos.  I have been providing my online training videos since July last year and will continue to upload the content.  The training videos do not follow a particular plan or system - I simply film sessions with my, and clients horses, and share with you either the exercise instruction for what I am doing or the solution to the issue I am trying to solve.  There are over 100 videos which include liberty training, online ground sessions, ridden work, problem-solving, theory classes on psychology and physiology.  I will continue to upload videos to this platform (a minimum of 2 per week, however it is usually 3 - Monday, Wednesday and Friday).   COST - $10 per month USD (I cannot change this to AUD, the platform will not allow it).  Access - Head to to join and get instant access.


Live Courses and schools.  At this stage, the Australian Government has not cancelled outdoor sports.  My instinct in these crazy times is to continue providing these courses with a few variations;  Open to only 6 participants.  Theory component will be filmed and sent via email, as will the workbook.  We will meet only out on the arena, ready to go with our horses.  At lunch, we will practice social distancing.  I think it is important for us to have somewhere to go that is as safe as possible and enjoy something that we love.  This means that our upcoming Bangalow course is fully booked, our foundation clinic is fully booked, and our advancing course is almost booked out.  We will keep in touch should restrictions change. COST - As per clinic posters. Access - Contact us for availability.


Online courses and schools.  I'm going to present online clinics!  Those that are not wanting to attend a live course, but still want to learn the content.  Of course, you won't have the live feedback from me during teaching, but you will receive the workbook, the instructions on the course exercise both on the ground and ridden (video format), and the theory classes.  My expectation of the online courses is that they may be around 3 hours of content - this will include the ground, theory and ridden work on the focal point of the clinic.  Cost: As per registration form.  Access - as per course registration form.

Private Lessons Online.  Private lessons will be provided to a small number of people wanting to get that feedback from me.  You will be able to submit a video of you riding for me to view and offer suggestions and solutions for any challenges you are facing or simply for progress advice.  COST: TBA. Access - please register your interest in this option and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


I'm hoping with this many options that we will not only have a heap of great things to keep us motivated and training and bonding with our horses, but that it will provide a great opportunity for us to really ‘level up’ our, and our horse's skills.

Let me know your thoughts, questions or suggestions

Take care and hang in there!

Tk xo 


We are going ahead with all courses at this stage.  

We feel confident that this is still safe and the right thing to do as;

Course numbers have been further reduced to only 6 people

Courses are held at reasonably isolated venues. 

We will be following 'social distancing' protocols of no handshakes etc. 

We will be delivering theory content via online video and sending workbooks via email so there will be no handouts at courses.

We ask that all participants agree to this, and also agree to do their part in regular correct handwashing, and to exercise 'self-exclusion' if you have been overseas recently, travelled on a cruise, feel unwell, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

I feel that as long as these precautions are respected, that we will all enjoy time away from the hysteria, out in the sunshine, in fresh air, with our horses.

Booking forms!  Click on the event to be taken to the booking form.   If they are not linked in yet click HERE to send an email to be sent registration forms for a particular event


22 & 22 Baby horse Course - Ruthven (Near Lismore) NSW  *** 3 places remain.  Theory Participants welcome - bookings essential to receive course materials


17th - 19th Foundation Clinic Glenreagh FULL


25th - 27 Advanced Clinic Glenreagh.  



29th April 8th May -10 day  Education Vacation and Immersion into horsemanship- Que Sera Equestrian Centre, Qld. Build your 'Cadillac Horse'  1 PLACE REMAINS



16 - 18 Liberty Clinic Glenreagh, NSW



June 6 - 8th Foundation to Feel 

Mullumbimby Showground NSW

13th - 15th - Foundation Plus and Balance Development- Que Sera Farm, Biddaddabba


29th June-13th July- Winter Colt Start, 

Glenreagh NSW



29th - 13th Start your Own Horse Winter 

Colt Start,- Glenreagh NSW




13 - 23 10 Day Education Vacation 

Horsemanship Immersion Course 

- Glenreagh, NSW



25th - 27th. Advancing Clinic 

Glenreagh, NSW



USA Clinics

31 - Nov 2 Foundation to Self Carriage 

Mullumbimby Showgrounds NSW



8th - 9th -  Foundation Plus to Self Carriage

-Que Sera Farm- Biddaddabba Qld


14th - 16th. Foundation Clinic Glenreagh, NSW

21st - 23. Xtreme Trail Coutts Crossing, NSW



5 - 6 Coffs Classic Cowboy Dressage 

Gathering -Glenreagh NSW

Are you ready to follow us in our online training program?  Our patreon account has over 100 training videos with new videos added regularly.  Training includes ground work with horses, ridden work, and theory components filmed at live courses.  only $10 (USD) per month!

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