I don't want to wreck him, and other self-sabotage of horse owners...

It could be a book don't you think?  Horse owners, we come up with the most self-serving, self-sabotaging, bullshit principles - don't we?

I mean, when you really think about it, having 'Self Serving' and 'Self Sabotaging' in the same sentence, to describe the same person seems kind of like an oxymoron doesn't it?

So what do I mean?  Well, I see it all the time.  A person not doing training or work with their horse because they 'don't want to wreck them' at the same time affords themself the best excuse to avoid failure, because without trying you can't fail, so they are safe from actually failing or not failing, kind of like 'Schrodinger's trainer' - You can equally be both successful and a failure because you haven't tried yet.

Our own fears, core beliefs, and characteristics are so intimately connected to the way that we interact with our horses.  Our choice of discipline, training methodology, interaction and the way we relate to our horse is determined so completely with who we are as a person, that the only way to 'improve' our horse is to 'improve' ourselves.  

The horse, being a 1000 pound reflection of who we are confronts our sense of self and forces us into self-reflection, (often on a subconscious level) and causes us discomfort or unease.   It is in these moments, should choose to embrace and understand it, that real growth will occur.

It is this discomfort that can then cause us to choose not to try rather than pushing forward.

I have written many articles like this one.  The reason is that I have seen time and time again the people who choose to forge forward, embrace the self-reflection, face their fears (literally Face Everything And Rise), I receive letters, messages and emails months and years later on how their life has changed for the better, as a result of self-realization and ultimately self-development.  It all started because a horse 'wouldn't do X'  and ended with a level of consciousness that affords a happy self, happy marriage, happy kids, happy horse.

I am not a psychologist.  I do know that when we feel discomfort, or unease, that this can be a pathway to a higher level of consciousness of self.  We are designed to 'push back' on discomfort and avoid where possible, but if we can pause, ask the question 'why does this make me uncomfortable' this is the pathway to understanding ourselves, and our horses at a higher level.

I'll give a short example here.  When I am out working with my horses, and I feel frustration, anger, nervousness, I pause and ask myself - why am I so bothered by this?  Am I fearful of the horse?  Am I fearful of being injured?  Does the horse not 'doing what I ask' cause me to feel inadequate / disrespected / unloved / that the horse doesn't 'like me'?  Using these emotional moments as opportunities to gain insight into myself has turbocharged my self-awareness, and ultimately my abilities in training.

Alot of great trainers follow these same principles, but perhaps don't articulate it, or break it down as much as I have here - when was the last time you heard a trainer say 'Don't take it personally' when coaching you with your horse - this is the short version of 'pause, don't react emotionally'.  I am simply trying to take it one step further and say listen to that little knocking sound - that is opportunity saying 'hey, there's an opportunity for self-reflection here'.  

Take this newsletter for example.  I know that people will unsubscribe from this newsletter list as a result of this article 'triggering' the ego - "this is bullshit, what my horse does isn't about me, it's about him!!"

The reason I share these things is because I want to be honest about what it takes to become a great horseman or horsewoman.  First, the realization that there is no 'endpoint'.  Sure you may get to the point where someone calls you a great horseman, but the true horseman continues to learn from the horse.  Second, the ego will only get you so far.  I am fortunate to know some elite horsemen, who have shared with me a little secret.

"You know Tanja when I got 'old' and not so worried about my ego, that's when I got better"

Third, you can be 15 or 50, and self-development is going to have an unlimited positive impact on your horsemanship.

So, back to the start.  Next time you hear yourself say 'I don't want to wreck him', go forth and work with your horse (unless you are going to try something like starting him under saddle - then you need a professional).  The truth is you will wreck him, we all wreck them, and then we learn more, and we fix them and so on and so forth.

As Maya Angelou said

Do the best you can until you know better, then do better.

Yours for the horse

Tk xo 

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I'm hoping with this many options that we will not only have a heap of great things to keep us motivated and training and bonding with our horses, but that it will provide a great opportunity for us to really ‘level up’ our, and our horse's skills.

Let me know your thoughts, questions or suggestions

Take care and hang in there!
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