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Ian Johnson –
In July 2009 there was an earthquake in the south of New Zealand, not unusual for NZ but it carried a prophetic message to the entire body of Christ.
The earthquake was a 7.8 and was located under Resolution Island, a place in New Zealand with almost zero population. The earthquake struck at 9:22pm and I was in Christchurch at the time and felt the roll which went on for what seemed like a long time.
There were a number of interesting prophetic signs that were released that night. The first being the pendulums of town clocks at either end of the South Island, one in Gore and One in Blenheim fell of and the clocks both stalled at 9:22.
Numbers 9:22 Whether it was two days or a month or a year that the cloud lingered over the tabernacle, staying above it, the sons of Israel remained camped and did not set out; but when it was lifted, they did set out.
In other words, when the cloud moves the people move, The earthquake was under resolution Island which was a signal the Lord was resolute The cloud was moving. Next day in the Southland Times newspaper it was reported that geologists said the earthquake was very unusual and they described it like a hammer hitting a bell, they also said the resonance of the quake would circle the earth for years to come. The South Island moved 2cm to the West which in geological terms is a big shift for a large land mass.
That earthquake occurred just over seven years ago, and much has happened in the body of Christ since that date. Walls have come down and much has changed and shifted.  There has been an emergence and emphasis on the gospel of the Kingdom as opposed to the Kingdom of salvation only. A realisation that the fivefold gifts are not the main event but the training mechanism for the main event, which is the revelation and maturing of Sons. We have been moving from a Fivefold environment to a sevenfold one, as we see Kings and priests begin to rule from heaven as Sons learn to rule from where they are seated, With Christ in heavenly places. 
At the end of 2016 a 7.8 earthquake hit the other end of the South Island and at the time I felt the Lord say the seven-year cycle has ended and another has started. Many in the body are still struggling to come to terms with the change of the last seven years, but the cloud is moving again.
As I prayed into this I felt the Lord gave me some insight into the next seven-year cycle for the body of Christ. I got three words
  1. Travail
  2. Fluidity
  3. Abandonment
The end of 2016 for me personally was a time of travail, I was relearning what it meant to birth something with the aid and guidance of the divine midwife (The Holy Spirit). As I travailed I saw thousands in the Body going through a similar travail for Israel as a result of activity in the United Nations and backroom deals among the nations. It was like they were poking God in the eye with a stick. As the body of Christ worldwide mobilised in travail, we witnessed an international miracle.
70 nations had gathered in Paris to declare a Palestinian state which was to be ratified two days later at the united Nations Security council. The worldwide unity in travail created such a confusion at the Paris summit it broke the spirit trying to bring war in the earth. When the UN Security council met two days later there was nothing for them to ratify and they spent the whole day going around in circles.  When I saw the power of unified travail demonstrated in early January, I realised that there is nothing governmentally that cannot be achieved by the Sons & Daughters of God. This will be a feature of the next seven years as Sons and daughters learn to travail with God over issues in the earth. Not our agenda but His being outworked in the earth. Government will come from the Sons and not from elected officials.
One of my favourite sayings is this, “Water will always find its own level and cut its own path” I say this because I liken this sort of fluidity to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Men may dam up the flow or try to divert it even, but given time the river will always find its true course and level. I believe we have just entered a seven-year cycle of unprecedented moves of the Spirit in the earth. The religious and the fearful will try and stop the flow or divert His path, but H, The Holy Spirit will find His own path in the earth. As Sons and Daughters, we must learn not just to step in the river, or engage the river or even be carried along by the river, we must see that In Christ, we are the river. That means that as we learn to be fluid in the Holy Spirit this next seven years will see us moving as One with Him. Cutting new paths and breaking down man made barriers. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. This is the meaning of fluidity. We must learn to live and move and have our being in Christ.
The Children of Israel learnt over a forty-year period what it means to be abandoned to and reliant on God. In Numbers 22 that we started with one of the key things I got out of it was that it says sometimes they stayed for a month, sometimes a week, sometimes a day, but Whenever the cloud moved, day or night the people moved. The Scripture says he sometimes moved at night, how inconvenient, The Children are sleeping, its dark, Lord, I have to go to work in the morning I need my sleep, I’m sure it can wait till morning, would be our 2017 response. However, abandonment means just that. This seven-year period like no other in our living memory will see faceless, nameless saints arise, because they are truly and totally abandoned to God.
I remember once an Angel came to me and we went on assignment in the nations together, when it was ended I said, why did you choose me, he said I had gone to 28 others before you and you are the one who responded. Kind of puts things in perspective. This is what the next seven years will look like, when the Lord says jump, we say OK Lord how high.
Exciting times ahead saints, the cloud is surely moving.

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