NOAH & the 350 years of restoration.
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A vision of "The Days of Noah & An Angel with a bag of Seeds.

At our Southwind Fellowship meeting recently, as I was speaking about the restoration of all things (Acts 3:19-21) based on the mandate of Noah to replenish the earth and "Go forth and Multiply" - An Angel flashed into the room, near me, I am used to having Angelic activity around our meetings, but this one caught me off guard a little. 

Firstly his appearance was like living lighting's, He had what appeared to be bolts of lightning flashing through his body and he also carried a big sack of seeds. 

I remembered I had seen him before in an encounter I had, had when I was carried back to the "Days of Noah" as Noah came off the Ark and began to replenish the earth. Noah was given this charge, just like Adam, to walk as a Son and co-create with God, everything that had been destroyed, This Angel that came into the meeting was there with Noah.. Wow and the seeds were "Seeds of Eden" 

In the encounter I saw that Noah had overseen, instant regrowth of the trees and plants that had been destroyed in the flood, that way there was enough food for the Elephants & Giraffes and all the big animals that eat half a ton a food a day. He just had to, first see it in heaven and as he saw it he declared it as so and there was instant restoration. The angels co-operated with Noah to bring about a full restoration in the earth.

The angel that worked with Noah to fulfill Noah's mandate to replenish the earth arrived with his bag of seeds to release the restoration of heavens promises in the earth. 

So when he flashed into the room at Southwind Fellowship, with the bag of seeds I had a realization that huge restoration was about to take place in the earth. 

This is in accordance with the word of God found in Acts 3:19-21, that Messiah must remain in heaven until "The restoration of all things" 

This restoration requires nothing of you except faith that 'What you see is what you can have" If you see it in the spiritual realm you can co-create with God to have it manifest in the earthly realm.

This restoration is a radical display of the goodness of God and these seeds carried by the angel with the lightning flashing is only the beginning (seed) of the possibilities in this day of restoration. 

God is calling you as Sons and Daughters to bring the reformation part of "As in the days of Noah"  into your today. 

Many are stuck in the kaos and drama that is evident in the earth right now, but Noah also saw the restoration of all things out of that Kaos and drama in his day. 


In Noah's day all the faulty DNA was destroyed and Noah was chosen to restore dominion in the earth. 

When considering the days of Noah we need to consider all 950 years not just the 600 years of destruction and judgment on the earth. There were, 350 years after the flood of restoration and rebuilding. 

After all when you go to a graveyard and read the headstones their days are recorded from the day they were born till the day they died. So it is with Noah, His days were 600 years befor the flood and 350 years after the flood. 

The days of Noah are not just the bad years where the judgment of God was seen in the earth, The Days of Noah included the salvation of Mankind in a miraculous way, by Water & wind lifting mankind out of the darkness. God provided the way of salvation IN THE DAYS OF NOAH. 

God replenished the earth in the days of Noah.

Noah witnessed the passion of God to restore mankind in The days of Noah.

Noah received a covenant promise that God would not destroy the earth or all living things again. Noah received a promise that as long as the earth remains seed time and harvest will continue, as well as the seasons.  

Noah lived for 950 years three hundred and fifty of those years were after the flood. So the days of Noah produced a long fruitful life. 

Noah lived by faith and received the reward of righteousness because of that faith. 

Hebrews 11:7 By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.

The best years of AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH are yet to come.

Luke 17:26-27 - When the Son of Man is revealed, it will be like it was in Noah's day.  In those days, the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat and the flood came and destroyed them all.

1 Peter 3:20 the long suffering God waited in the days of Noah.

As it was in the DAYS of NOAH – so shall it be in when Jesus… (Is revealed)– The original Aramaic language records the Days of Noah as Days in which Jesus is "revealed" yes there were bad days but don't forget the 350 years of restoration "IN THE DAYS OF NOAH".




MP3 MESSAGE BY IAN JOHNSON -Restoration in the Days of NOAH
MP3 message by Ian Johnson "AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH" 

Based on the days of Noah which were 950 years - 600 years before the flood and 350 years after the flood. God gave Noah the same command he gave Adam - Go forth & Multiply in the Earth. Restoration of all things is part of the days of Noah.

Photo - (c)2015 - Original Art by Ian Johnson -"Government"

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The walk into intimacy with Christ is a journey. It starts when we first turn our lives over to Him and learn how to navigate the courts of heaven in this life. The division between heaven and earth is seamless because the veil between the realms has been forever torn by the Lord.

The earthly journey is the bit where we get to know the Lord and his ways, where we go beyond knowing about Him through His word, to living embraced under the shadow of His wings.

Into the place where we learn to head His call to “Come up Here” and come boldly before His throne of grace.

It is a true journey, because every day is a new day in the Lord and the dawn of each new day brings change and new understandings of his ways as we fall into His heart.

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