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Ensemble Studio Theatre Isaac's Eye by Lucas Hnath

FIRST BREW: Monday at 8PM It's a works-in-progress party! New Plays from EST Playwright Units Meeting, all actors are chosen from the audience! FREE EST

HOPE by Jerry Ford, Directed by Turron Kofi Alleyne: Monday + Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday + Thursday 8pm. Based on Jerry’s childhood, growing up in Detroit MI, in the midst of darkness, finding hope. $20 Producer's Club

THE RADIANT by Shirley Lauro, Directed by Melanie Moyer Williams: Tuesday - Sunday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm. Set one hundred years ago in France, THE RADIANT centers on the true, tempestuous life of the brilliant Madame Marie Curie. $18-25 Red Fern Theatre

HIT THE WALL by Ike Holter, Directed by Eric Hoff: Tuesday- Sunday  7:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm. Hit the Wall focuses on the enigmatic first night of the riots, vibrantly blending history and mythology with theatrical imagination to shine contemporary light on the legacy of Stonewall. $20-75 Barrow Street Theatre

ON THE HEAD OF A PIN Written and Directed by Frank Winters: Tuesday- Thursday 7pm, Friday-Sunday 8pm. A political thriller. Lily Strauss, a reporter in the waning days of newspaper journalism, must cut through webs of corporate lies and government deception until finally faced with the devastating consequences of telling the truth. $18 59E59

BELLEVILLE by Amy Herzog, Directed by Anne Kauffman: Tues Wed & Sun 7pm, Thurs-Sat 8pm. A chilling, Hitchcockian, look at the limits of trust, truth, deception and dependency in a world where both love and loss can be pathological and cathartic. $25-70 NYTW

ISAAC'S EYE by Lucas Hnath, Directed by Lindsay Firman: Wednesday - Sunday  7pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm. This quirky, quick-witted new play, examines one of Isaac Newton's earlier experiments, sticking a needle in his eye. Get $10 tickets with promo NEWTON at EST

DOWNTOWN URBAN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Wednesday - Sunday 8:30pm. Awesome festival for new works and described as ´not only prestigious, but a slice of heaven for playwrights who want the chance to freely express themselves.´ The theme this year is Super Heroes! $18 DUTF

TREVOR by Nick Jones, Directed by Moritz Von Stuelpnagel: Thursday- Sunday 8pm. Trevor is a show-biz chimp whose career is on the rocks, and who, despite biting a woman in the supermarket parking lot last week, still has dreams of a TV comeback with Morgan Fairchild. $15-18 Lesser America

HOPELESS ROMANTIC COMEDY by Becky Flaum, Directed by Will Taylor Sunday 6pm Becky Flaum thinks she's Julia Roberts... or Sandra Bullock... or even Katherine Heigel...but the men she meets aren’t reading from the same scripts, and Becky’s high cinematic hopes for her love life have odd ways of crashing into reality. $10 PIT
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