Shore Fruit presents artisan Soup delivery in Rockaway Beach

Shore Fruit Presents

Organic Slow Cooked Soups


This week, Shore Soup has prepared three soups, packed with loads of local, seasonal produce, including young local ginger, Brooklyn grown carrots, herbs grown in Rockaway and for the non-vegetarian option, NY state organic grass-fed lamb. Let us know where you want your delivery to arrive.  Surfside and piping hot, to your home, a local business, or jarred for refrigeration at your door in the morning. If you receive a morning delivery, take it to work, or heat it up for dinner when you get home. Whether you eat it when it arrives, or save it for later, Shore Soup is delicious. Every order comes with a piece of chunky break for dipping and this week we have an organic kale salad available to be added to your order. We have some Shore Fruit drinks on hand, including coconut water, ginger brew and juice spritzers, plus hot Chai. This week we are responding to the excellent chill Rockaway vibe and making delivery available Thursday through Sunday on a per-ordered basis. If you want soup outside of these days, or have a last minute order, just call 646 691 8013 and we'll try to make it happen. Everyone who ordered the first week, Thank you! And thanks for spreading the word, please continue to do so. Forward this to friends, text them the soups, this is all about word of mouth and local goodness!
Serving Size:  Pretty big is a pint Super big is 2x the size of pretty big, a quart, it will provide  2-4servings.

Pretty big -$6
Super big- $12
Pretty big+ organic salad- $12
Supper big +organic salad $18
Chai -$3

In an effort to be environmentally sustainable: The price of  soups and chai includes a $1 deposit for the glass jars, please return them, you'll be refunded $1.

This Week's Soups Are:

Vegan, organic, Tuscan White Bean and Garlic Soup
Vegan, organic, Thai Coconut Carrot Ginger Soup
Organic slow cooked Lamb and beet Stew- Borsht
Massaged Kale in Lemon and olive oil w/ Pecorino and Raisins- Salad  
Chai is young ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, star anise, clove and your choice of milk, Honey and black or decaf black tea.

TO PLACE YOUR ORDER — Reply to this Email  or Call 646 691 8013

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