July 2014 Newsletter

COV General Meeting
Tuesday, July 1
at 7:00 PM (Library)

Friday, July 4
from 8:00 AM (Sts. Peter & Paul Mission, Waimea)

An EPIC Fundraiser

Apologetics Series: "Marian Doctrines"
Sunday, July 6
at 10:30 AM (Parish Hall)

TOT: "Happy Catholics"
Sunday, July 6
at 5:00 PM (Tiki Bar & Grill)

Presented by Marianist Fr. John Thomson

Faith Sharing
Monday, July 7
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Testimony by Seminarian EJ Resinto

Laser Tag with IGNITE Ministry (St. Ann)
Tuesday, July 8
at 6:00 PM (Rascal's Family Fun Center)

Apologetics Series: "Questions Asked About Mary"
Sunday, July 13
at 10:30 AM (Parish Hall)

Faith Sharing
Monday, July 14
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Discussion on the Sunday readings

Apologetics Series: "Confession & Scandals in the Church"
Sunday, July 20
at 10:30 AM (Parish Hall)

TOT: "Happy Catholics"
Sunday, July 20
at 5:00 PM (Tiki Bar & Grill)

Presented by Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ

Faith Sharing
Monday, July 21
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Catechesis: "Making 'Sense' Out of Scripture"

Apologetics Series: "Prayer to the Saints"
Sunday, July 27
at 10:30 AM (Parish Hall)

Faith Sharing
Monday, July 28
at 7:00 PM (Room 3)

Movie Night: "Son of God"

Krystal Alcayde (20)
July 10

Christine Licato (25)
July 20

Joshua Laguana (33)
July 29

Frankie Villanueva (34)
July 31
"Jesus take the wheel!"
Fourth of July Parking Fundraiser

Our next parking fundraiser will be at Sts. Peter and Paul Mission in Waimea on Friday, July 4 (Independence Day) from 8:00 AM.  Please come help and support!
AWESOME JOB EPIC MINISTRY!  Thank you to everyone who helped sale during this year's Krispy Kreme fundraiser.  Overall, we raised more than $1,000 towards our upcoming Hana retreat and for our ministry in general.  Sales surpassed expectations all because of your hard work and dedication!
From the Coordinator:
"New Year, New Challenge"

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Ok, it may not be a new calendar year, but for our parish and diocese, it's the beginning of a new fiscal (financial) year.  This is significant because we close out our books on June 30th, and start with a new budget and new financial outlook on July 1st.  So what does this have to do with anything that matters to everyone else?

I'm happy to report that EPIC Ministry has been very sustainable at Our Lady of Sorrows Church.  We operate almost solely by our own funds that have been raised and donated.  And we would like to keep it that way.

Over the past year, EPIC Ministry has provided dozens of young adults various opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually.  We have helped sponsor several events geared toward Catholic young adults such as retreats and community events.  We have subsidized fees to allow a greater participation of young adults in other events such as the diocesan Theology On Tap series.  We have reached out to others such as our visitation to children at Shriners Hospital. We have promoted peer community through various fellowship opportunities especially at our Faith Sharing nights, sports challenges, movie outings, and others.  Just check out our Facebook page or our recap of 2013 events to see how active our ministry has been over the past year.  And we look forward to doing so much more in the coming year.

Tithing or giving financially has never been a strong point for most young adults, much less most Catholics.  And though we don't like to discuss money much, it is important to sustaining the work we do.  And it is equally important in helping especially those young adults who may not be able to afford to participate in certain events without our financial support.

It's easy to make a donation.  Simply write a check to "Our Lady of Sorrows" indicating "EPIC Ministry" on the memo line, or make a cash offering in an envelope indicating the monies to be directed to "EPIC Ministry", and drop it into the collection bowl at Mass.  Or even more conveniently, press that bright green "Donate" button at the top-left of this newsletter and donate by credit card online.

I have always been a very firm believer that if you give, you will receive back ten-fold.  I would like to challenge each person reading this message to make a donation to EPIC Ministry, no matter how big or small, so long as its a meaningful donation, a donation purely out of the love of the work that we do to bring young adults into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  And I will guarantee that your donation will make a huge difference in being able to help this ministry be "Ever Present In Christ".  Amen?

EPIC Ministry joins our fellow young adult brothers and sisters from St. Ann Church (Kaneohe) for this awesome outing at Rascals Family Fun Center in Iwilei.

EPIC Ministry will pay $5 of the $15 price to participate in two laser tag games, so you only pay $10!

Please let Kainoa know if you are interested in joining.
EPIC Ministry is gearing up for this year's EPIC Retreat,
"Ready and Willing," to be held in Hana, Maui, on
August 15-17.

Space is limited, so if you're interested in joining, register today!  If you've experienced our retreats before, you know this one will be just as EPIC!!!

See the EPIC Ministry website for more details.
How well do we know and understand our Catholic faith?  Would you be confident enough to have a discussion with those of other faiths about what it means to be Catholic?  If you feel that you could use a "refresher" on all things Catholic or just need a major crash course in how to talk about your faith, the OLS Summer Apologetics Series is just for you.

Each Sunday this summer, we will be touching on a specific topic regarding the basics of our Catholic faith in the context of what the Church actually teaches and believes, and how to articulate and share that with others.

The series will be led by EPIC Ministry Coordinator, Kainoa Fukumoto.  So please join in this special series!

For more information, click here.

EPIC Ministry will pay $5 of the $15 admission price, so you only pay $10!

If you are a Catholic young adult, Theology on Tap is a "MUST GO TO" kind of event.  Everyone 18 years or older is welcome to this event. The event program will feature food, soft drinks, and the guest speaker of the night.  You will meet new people and possibly reconnect with a few familiar faces.  We highly encourage everyone to "dress to impress" and come ready to enjoy a night full of great discussion, quality presentations, and "good ol Catholic Joy"!

For more information, visit the TOT Hawaii website.

Please let Kainoa know if you are interested in joining.

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