December 2014 Newsletter
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Faith Sharing
Monday, December 1
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Testimony by Maricel Daquioag

Feast of the Immaculate Conception- Holy Day of Obligationn
Monday, December 8
Mass at 7:00PM (Church)

World Youth Day 2016 Information Session
Monday, December 15
at 7:00 PM (Resurrection of the Lord, Waipio)

Advent Reconciliation Service
Tuesday, December 16
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Faith Sharing
Monday, December 22
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Weekly Readings
By Tina and Chrys

Christmas Vigil Mass
Wednesday, December 24
at 6:00 PM (Church)

Christmas Mass- Holy Day of Obligation
Thursday, December 25
at 8:00 PM (Church) 

OLS Youth and Young Adult Christmas Party
Monday, December 29
at 6:30 PM (Church)

Kiara Pascual (24)
December 4

Karina Orpiano (20)
December 8

Kelsey Lopez (23)
December 18

December 25

Melvyn Zara (22)
December 27
Join EPIC Ministry for our Christmas party at OLS! Please bring a grab bag to exchange and a dish for potluck. We will see you there on December 29th at 6:30PM!
Message from the Coordinator:

Tip Your "Waiter"

If there was one thing that everyone could agree on, it would be that waiting is one of the most difficult things to do. Especially in this “microwave-meal” generation, people cringe at the thought of spending hours and hours standing around doing nothing. It is estimated that Americans spend a total of 37 billion hours per year waiting in lines. Whether it’s waiting to checkout your groceries, counting down the numbers till your turn at the DMV, or sitting through the nation’s second worst traffic, the experience of waiting is truly a frustrating one.
It may serve as a shock to us that the Church puts a special emphasis on “waiting” during the Advent season (especially when the one we are waiting for has already come). However, she tells us that there is much more to it than standing around and doing nothing. The Church believes that “waiting” is participating in the salvific mission of Christ.
“When the Church celebrates the liturgy of Advent each year, she makes present this ancient expectancy of the Messiah, for by sharing in the long preparation for the Savior’s first coming, the faithful renew their ardent desire for his second coming…” (CCC 524)
It may help to think of “waiting” in the sense of restaurants. Quality waiters and waitresses do their best and even go out of their way in preparing and delivering a memorable dining experience. They even do it with joy! When you enter the restaurant, the much-awaited guest has arrived and it is their duty to serve. In the spirit of Advent, we are reminded that we too are “waiters and waitresses.” Christ the Savior, the guest who has been expected for a long, long time, has finally arrived! We are not meant to idly stand by but to put ourselves into action. We are called to serve and “prepare the way of the Lord” not just until Christmas Day but every day until He comes again.
“If by December 25 you are sick of Christmas, you did Advent wrong!” – Busted Halo
Happy Waiting!
EPIC Penny Wars have begun! Until the end of December 2014, it will be the boys versus the girls. Remember to bring your coins to faith sharing!
Thank you to Sr. Geralyn for sharing her testimony with us!
Thanksgiving mass!
Our Lady of Fatima visits OLS
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