April 2013 Newsletter

Faith Sharing
Thursday, April 4
at 7:00 PM (Room 8)

"Easter Moment" with Makana Aiona

Faith Sharing
Thursday, April 11
at 7:00 PM (Room 8)

Discussion on the Paschal Mystery

Church Cleaning
Saturday, April 13
at 8:00 AM (Church)

Faith Sharing
Thursday, April 18
at 7:00 PM (Room 8)

Discussion on the weekend readings

"Come & Fish with Me" with Tom Booth
Friday, April 19 & Saturday, April 20 at 6pm-9pm (Sacred Hearts Center, Kaneohe)
Catholic contemporary composer Tom Booth will lead two young adult gatherings; you won't want to miss this!  InHarmony Choir will also be leading a Praise & Worship for this event.

Faith Sharing
Thursday, April 25
at 7:00 PM (Room 8)

Community night

Food Pantry
Saturday, April 27
at 9:00 AM (Office)
Habemus Papam!
"We have a Pope!"

On March 13th, the College of Cardinals elected Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be the next Holy Father.  Upon election, the Holy Father chose the name Francis, which has spoken much of his simplicity and humility just like St. Francis of Assisi.  Please continue to keep Pope Francis and our holy Catholic Church in your prayers.  Viva la papa!
APRIL 2013

From the Coordinator:
"Easter Moments"
Every time we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, we celebrate the Paschal Mystery--Christ's passion, death, and resurrection.  Everything we believe as Catholics is centered on this basic truth of our faith.  By dying, Jesus destroyed our death and, by rising, he restored our life.  Our lives should be a reflection of the Paschal Mystery.  There are so many moments in our lives we may feel that God has abandoned us, but that is far from the truth.  Even Jesus himself cried out from the cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"  This quote from Psalm 22 is not in defiance to God, but rather, a statement of faith.  The ending of Psalm 22 reads "I will live for the LORD; my descendants will serve you."  Despite the sense that God does not hear us, the truth is that God's ways are not ours and every prayer is answered.  Our Easter moments are when we realize the blessings that come out of what we believe to be curses.  Just remember, Jesus needed to endure the cross in order to assure the resurrection.  Don't let our momentary crosses prevent us from our eternal resurrection.  So as we now journey into this glorious Easter season, I challenge you to find and recognize those Easter moments in your lives.
Living Stations

AWESOME JOB to everyone who participated in this year's Living Stations!  It was a very powerful, prayerful, and inspirational time.  Many were in tears as the youth & young adults brought to life the Way of the Cross.  A special thanks to Brett Anduha (writer and director), all the cast and choir members, as well as to everyone who came to witness this special production.
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