November 2014 Newsletter
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OLS Ministry Fair
Saturday, October 4 and Sunday October 5
following the 5PM, 7 and 9AM Mass (OLS Lanai)

Faith Sharing
Monday, November 3
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Testimony by Sr. Geralyn, OSB

General Elections
Tuesday, October 4
at Local Precinct

Faith Sharing
Monday, November 10
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Sunday Readings
By Christine and Yvonne

Our Lady of Fatima International Statue Visits OLS/Veterans' Day
Tuesday, November 11
at 9:00 PM (Church)

EPIC to host Holy Hour from 1PM-2PM

Faith Sharing
Monday, November 17
at 7:00 PM (Church)

Catechesis: TBA
By Ronald and Joshua

SSCC "Faith Friday"
Friday, November 21
at 7:00 AM (Church)

Theology on Tap

Friday, November 21
at 6:00 PM (Newman Center, UH Manoa)
"Not Two But One: How do I Integrate my Christian life into my life" by Jason Jones

Thanksgiving Gathering
Monday, November 24
at 7:00 PM (St. Michael)

Brett Anduha (26)
November 27

Loren Kuni (20)
November 27
Our Lady of Fatima International Statue Visits OLS on Veterans' Day!

"In 1946 we crowned Our Lady of Fatima as Queen of the World; and the next year through her Pilgrim statue, She set forth as though to claim Her dominion: and the favors she performs along the way are such that we can hardly believe what we are seeing with our eyes." --Holy Father, Pope Pius XII
Message from the Coordinator:

"The Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast"

Knowing how to show proper gratitude holds a special place in our society. It is something that every upright citizen should have and use appropriately. Withholding thanks leaves a bad impression and may be offensive, while going over-the-top may seem insincere or needy. Treading this fine line may be the reason why there is so many ways to express gratitude - Thank you! Thanks! Thank you very much! Ty. I appreciate you, I am grateful, etc. We have even dedicated a whole day to the celebration of giving thanks!
The “holiday” of Thanksgiving began as a celebration traced back to the early pilgrims and Native Americans, but now resembles a day with a reason to cook turkey and have a huge feast. Grocery stores are packed as everyone is rushing to pick up some in-demand poultry. Friends and family show off who can put out best pie recipe. Good parents try their best to remind their children that the reason for all of this is to gather as a family and give thanks for the blessings they have received.
I have a problem with Thanksgiving. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am usually the first in line to grab some stuffing and mashed potatoes, and I absolutely love pumpkin pie. I have an issue with the fact that there are a lot of us that “build up” up all of our thanks for the year to unleash them upon the world on the Thursday before Black Friady. We as Christians should know better.
In his closing speech at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family held last month, Pope Francis warns of a temptation to “come down off the Cross… in order to fulfill the will of the Father; to bow down to a worldly spirit instead of purifying it and bending it to the Spirit of God.” I believe this also applies to the whole concept of thanksgiving and Turkey Day. An overly out-pouring of gratitude is fine when the rest of the nation is doing it, but the fact of the matter is we, as Catholics, are celebrating the “ultimate Thanksgiving” pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It happens in the form of the Holy Mass. Eucharist comes from a Greek word that means “thanksgiving.”
Jesus teaches us that to get to the Father, we must go through Him. We must “stay on the Cross” to adopt a thankful heart. With His grace, showing gratitude isn’t so complicated and never requires a turkey. Celebrating and receiving His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity are the best ways to give thanks for all that we have. We even have the opportunity to do so every day! (Or at the very least once a week) Let us continue to pray that we recognize the true blessing of the Eucharist and persevere to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.
Yours in Christ,
EPIC would like to extend our appreciation to Estevan Bonifacio from St. Ann's, Kaneohe for creating our new logo.
The first of the EPIC Penny Wars has begun! Until the end of December 2014, it will be the boys versus the girls. Remember to bring your coins to faith sharing!
Last Months October Events
EPIC'ers at YASS: Finding Jesus in Your Paperwork
Posing with Dr. Ansel Augustine

Theology on Tap goes to the Newman Center!

Jason Jones presents on Friday November 21, 2014 at the UH Newman Center for our 2014 Oahu fall event!

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