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Greetings from the McNutt Family

Forward In Faith                                Feb. 2013

         What a month this has been for our family! We have traveled to North Carolina to speak at Reedy Creek Baptist Church in Macon, NC where we were blessed by them and their interest in what we are doing.  Rev. Richard and his wife have been so supportive us and we are deeply grateful for them. What an enormous opportunity it is for one of NC oldest churches to be involved, perhaps for the first time, in missions in India!


                           Rev. Richard Smith & Beth Smith
                             Reedy Creek Baptist Church

FACT : Lucrative trade also exists in trafficking Indian children abroad for illegal adoption. Parents in poor tribal areas are a source of such procurements. For example, a case of a 5-year-old being sold to a childless couple for 5000 rupees (US$110) in the eastern state of Orissa. In April police rescued over 180 children during a raid on orphanages suspected of child trafficking in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  Thirty of the children had been adopted by foreign couples and 114 by native couples. Seventeen of the children were extremely ill, and one died shortly after the raid. Will you pray for our family as we will be ministering to these children. Pray for these children, who have experienced unimaginable evil.

         We spoke to a small bible study group in Wake Forest, NC where we were overjoyed to have a couple commit to supporting us monthly.  The bible study that we went to following our presentation was unbelievable! It truly was a great night with so many new friends.  Thank you Matt and Lindsay Cover for inviting us and treating us to such an amazing Italian dinner!

                                       Wake Forest Bible Study Group


               Rev. Brandon Brooks and Dana  Brooks               Prospect Church's Youth are IN IT to END IT! 
                                 Prospect Church
           We were blessed to be given the opportunity to speak at Prospect Church in Franklin, GA.   Rev. Brandon Brooks blessed us so much on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon with his enthusiasm for the ministry and excitement in how Prospect can partner with us.  What a blessing the church was to us; the youth at this church are incredible! There desire to serve Jesus and be active in freeing children involved in human trafficking is just phenomenal and I pray that their passion is caught by their community and does not fade, does not die but grows endlessly.           

Friends, we are drawing closer to our anticipated departure date to the mission field. God has shown us such immense grace during this transition.  We as a family would like to give each and every one of you the opportunity to partner with us as we serve in southeast Asia. To this date, we have $300 of the $1050 needed for monthly sponsors; since we will be dependent upon this sponsorship in order to do ministry there. That means we still need $750 in sponsorship in order for us to purchase our tickets and leave. Please, right now as you are reading this, pray for this need, who knows, God may use you to impact a nation for His Son's name through your monthly support of our family. We know and rejoice ultimately in the knowledge that in His time, He will provide. He is abounding in love and grace. We pray that our Lord will watch over all of you, knowing that He will meet you where you are and care for you. Be blessed dear friends!      

Monthly Expenses:                       

House rent -     $200
Electricity bill -  $100
Food & water - $300
Gas to cook -   $30
travel expenses - $100
car payment-       $320

ALL of March's sponsorship(1050) must be recieved by March 28 in order for us to leave. God CAN do this!

In Christ Alone,          
Adam, Leslie, Gabriel & Catherine                                             

                   Can You Help Us Reach India with The Gospel of Jesus Christ


          1 Time Gift                     $25 Monthly Partnership      $50 Monthly Partnership         $100 Monthly Partnership

 Our Mailing Address:               If You Wish to Mail a Check, you may make it out to Crisis Rescue Intl.       and designate it for the McNutt family and mail it to :                           
       The McNutt's                     Crisis Rescue Intl.                                                               
      17805 Elles Dr.
                      P.O. Box 104                                                               
Athens, Al. 35611             Loganville, Ga. 30052

Monthly need: $1050                                                    
Current Monthly sponsorship: $300
All Donations are tax deductible.