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Tribute to Shirley

It was early 2002 and the nation of Malawi was suffering the most severe famine in over 50 years. The Malawi Project had been formed two years earlier and was facing limited resources. Project members had already made a major commitment to helping build a hospital complex north of the capital. With a relatively new…

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Where There is no Store

Lilongwe, Malawi … In many ways, Malawi is moving rapidly into the modern world of commerce. In other ways, however, the nation still reflects its African roots, isolated from the rest of the world. Today’s visitors will be surprised to find almost no chain stores from outside the continent. There are no Kroger, Target, Kohl,…

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Malawi

             by Johnthan Ngoma, MD Internal MedicineHospital DirectorKamuzu Central HospitalLilongwe, Malawi Since the outbreak of COVID-19 health systems worldwide have been overwhelmed. In Malawi, (a very poor country in the southern part of Africa), the devastation has been even more intense. Malawi has a very poor health system with the following problems: High illiteracy levels…

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Two Organizations – One Mission

It is not often that two organizations, chartered in two different parts of the world, formed by members of two different nationalities, can create a working relationship that is nearly seamless in its execution. However, this is what has taken place between the Malawi Project in the U.S. and Action for Progress in Malawi.  The Malawi Project was formed in the…

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