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Friday Focus - USM Kitos Desk

After years in which the UK stubbornly resisted attempts to get it to fall in line with other European nations, it finally appears that the British are prepared to embrace an idea that has been mainstream on the European mainland for some time. No, nothing to do with the EU. We're talking about sit-stand workstations. 

While Scandinavians and other Northern Europeans have seen sit-stand workstations as commonplace for a long time, it has taken until the last two or three years for the British office design market to fully embrace them. You can speculate why this might be but we believe it's a sign of a greater interest in the principles of inclusive design, personalisation and shared space and in using office furniture to promote wellbeing rather than reduce harm. In other words, they're a positive choice.

Ironically, one of the pioneers of the sit-stand workstation was the British designer Geoff Hollington who produced a very elegant workstation as part of his Relay system for Herman Miller three decades ago. If there's one thing we Brits seem to have a propensity for it's coming up with great ideas that other people capitalise upon.

Sit-stand workstations are obviously a great idea for firms to consider, but aesthetically they can be a little functional. This is an inevitable by-product of the mechanism used to adjust their height. But it isn't true of all height adjustable desks as the Kitos Desk from USM demonstrates with some style.

This is a truly refined piece of design with characteristic attention to detail. While some office furniture makers may include a height adjustable desk in their range that focuses on functionality over form, that is not an option open for a firm like USM. The detailing and elegance speaks of a firm prepared to move with the times to create a product that meets the demands of clients, while staying true to its hard earned reputation for design excellence.  

To find out more about the USM Kitos Desk please click here.
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