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Friday Focus - Needlite Lamp

We all know that the quality of lighting in a workplace can have a significant effect on productivity.  With adequate lighting workers make fewer mistakes, which leads to an increase in productivity.  Well designed asymmetric light patterns can also  help reduce the headaches  and neck pain which often accompany eye-strain due to poor upper back and neck posture being adopted when trying to concentrate.  Adequate lighting allows workers to concentrate better on their work, helping with productivity and wellbeing.

With winter just around the corner one can hardly fail to notice the darker mornings and evenings, and there is an increasing amount of research around the negative effects on us of fewer hours of sunlight each day.

With this issue in mind, the Danish company Needlite has developed a new generation of desk lighting which provides a powerful daylight effect while you work.   The Needlite is a pair of lean and elegant desk lamps shedding comfortable, white light across your workspace with true colour reproduction and zero screen reflection.  On top of which,  they look so good that they are featured in the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

The Needlite provides a natural, warm lighting solution that can improve energy level, focus and concentration and even put you in a better mood.  Whereas traditional light therapy has been recommended for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Needlite is a new way for everyone to boost their energy all year round.  It’s not only helpful for people with light deficit syndromes – it’s a boost for anyone who wants to feel and perform better everyday.

Wellworking have trialled these lights in our own office and have found the even, warm light to be very effective on darker days.  There are no reflections or blinding light sources to contend with, and they have a simple yet elegant design that suites in with our modern office furniture.   We also like the power saving App that means the Needlite turns off automatically when you leave your desk.

Whether you work in an office or from home, quality lighting such as the Needlite can reduce sick days, improve wellbeing and increase productivity – particularly at this time of the year.

To find out more about the Needlite Desk Lamp please click here.
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