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Friday Focus - Herman Miller Ratio Desk

After decades in which the sit-stand desk was seen, if anything, as a bit of a novelty or possible a one off option to deal with an orthopaedic need or some other specific  issue, the past couple of years have seen a great deal of talk about the benefits of sit stand workstations and the more widespread adoption of them as a standard option.

We certainly could never claim that they are a new idea. One of the first manifestations of the idea in a mainstream context was Geoff Hollington’s height adjustable desk as part of the Relay system for Herman Miller nearly thirty years ago.

Since that time, sit-stand workstations have only really caught on in Northern Europe and it has taken until now for them to crossover in the UK and US. Herman Miller is inevitably best positioned to drive innovation in this emerging market and is leading the charge with a sit-stand workstation called Ratio that not only encourages people to move more, with all the benefits that has for their physical and mental wellbeing, but is also stylish with an intuitive mechanism to encourage people to use it to its full potential.

While sit-stand workstations are not a new idea, what we are witnessing with the growth in their sales and profile in the UK appears to be linked to a fundamental change in local market conditions that is allowing the idea to take root at last. For a few years now, the debate about ergonomics in the UK has been shifting away from talk of correct posture and towards an acknowledgement that it should be about movement. This idea has already transformed seating design and the way we talk about ergonomics.

We are also far more focussed on issues like wellbeing and individualisation. The result is what we now see: after decades in which the innovation curve flatlined for this product, it now suddenly find itself as upwardly mobile as the people who use it.

To find out more about Herman Miller Ratio Desk please click here.
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