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Friday Focus - Wilkhahn IN Chair

Two of the most enduring myths about ergonomic seating are that it is primarily designed to create a fixed and correct seating position and that it only addresses an individual's physical comfort and wellbeing.

Over many years we have not only developed a greater understanding of the complex interactions between people and their surroundings, this knowledge has been applied to create a generation of sophisticated seating designs that encourage greater mobility and address both the physical and psychological needs of users. In other words, we're smarter now and we have smarter products too so there's no need to rely on outdated thinking about the way people work and the things they need.

This new enlightened era is exemplified by the IN chair from Wilkhahn. Launched last year, it is thoroughly contemporary in both form and function. Its key feature is the 3D Trimension mechanism which, from the end user's point of view, means that it both encourages and facilitates their movement. This is particularly important in world in which people constantly adopt new postures as they work on laptops, smartphones, tablets and paper (yes, it's still with us).

The chair also embodies the idea that movement should be intuitive. Where once chairs incorporated a large number of adjustments for the seat, back and arms that people would learn to use and then adjust on an ongoing basis, the IN chair is designed in conjunction with ergonomists, sports scientists and physiotherapists to move in harmony with the person using it without a constant need to remember which control does what. This not only supports the user whatever they are doing but also encourages them to move more frequently and naturally.

We also know that movement is not just important for our physical comfort and health. It's essential for our productivity and psychological wellbeing. Regular movement and exercise release endorphins and so are directly linked to our moods and ability to concentrate and deal with stress. This is something we know instinctively and so it's only right that we have created new forms of seating that are based on this intuition and challenge the outmoded stereotypes and misconceptions about ergonomics and wellbeing.

To find out more about Wilkhahn IN Chair please click here.
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