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Friday Focus - Deadgood Love / Loved Up Chair

Our modern yearning for authenticity is starting to manifest itself in product design. Two pieces of related news caught our eyes this week. The first is that Millennials, those so-called digital natives, are actually the age group most likely to visit physical shops, according to a study from British Land. The second is that according to the BPI, which measures these things, sales of vinyl records have exceeded one million for the first time since the 1990s.

The idea that links the stories is authenticity. For all that we are increasingly immersed in a digital world, we remain physical beings and remain attached to the physical. On the face of it, the convenience and transparency offered by online shopping should all but kill off shops, while the bulk and low storage capacity of a synthetic disk that reproduces music by scraping a needle across its surface should be rendered anachronistic by the fact we can listen to the same stuff and thousands of others like it from a small device we can fit in a pocket. The fact that we don't always go along with this tells us a lot about what sort of animals we are. And the fact that even those who have grown up immersed in the digital ocean often prefer to emerge from it onto the physical earth tells us how deep this goes. 

This is the fundamental  reason why offices will always be with us, whatever some people might say. It also explains why we continue to hanker for the personal and authentic in product design and why the Crafts movement is enjoying such a renaissance. When it comes to office furniture, it doesn't come much more authentic than the Love Chair from Deadgood and its highbacked variant the LovedUp chair. Its name is deliberately emotional and evocative. Its timeless aesthetic bridges the divide between the classical and contemporary. It is handmade and hand finished. 

So there's a very good reason why the chair is so beloved of modern office environments, including that most modish manifestation of our need to be around others, the coworking space. So long as we remain human, we will continue to feel the pull of the physical environment, the company of others and the desire for the authentic. 

To find out more about the Deadgood Love / Loved Up Chairs please click here.
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