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Friday Focus - The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller

One of the world's best selling office chair is the Herman Miller Aeron. So many of the iconic chairs have been made since it was launched in 1994 that even the manufacturer seems a little uncertain when asked to put a number on sales.  None of this would have seemed likely when the chair was launched.

Its design was so alien when compared to the heavily upholstered designs that it sought to (and eventually did) knock into oblivion, that it nearly never saw the light of day.  It looked so odd and met with such a negative reaction from its test focus groups that Herman Miller had doubts about launching it at all.

Yet its ultimate success made it the perfect example for Malcolm Gladwell to use in describing how radical ideas go mainstream in his book Blink.  It is one most commercially successful and innovative task seating design in history and enjoys truly iconic status.

The darling of the boom, we are now so familiar with the Aeron that its ubiquitous application in homes and offices, not to mention movies and TV, (who can forget its starring role in 'The Simpsons' episode 'Thank God, It's Doomsday'?) is now barely remarked on at all.  Its inception alongside the Internet and its parallel ascension to the mainstream tells us all we need to know how radical ideas are developed, accepted and become mainstream.

To find out more about Herman Miller Aeron Chair click here.
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