Calling all APA members! You joined APA because you want to protect rivers and increase packrafting opportunities, right?

Together, we can make a difference right now in accomplishing both of those goals by commenting on the Snake River Headwaters river plan, which was published last month by Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. The plan dismissed consideration of all forms of paddling, but there is a lot of hope on this issue. Comments are due by June 30!!!

1. Thank Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks for their work in protecting the pristine nature of the Snake River headwaters.

2. Ask the Parks to please comply with Wild and Scenic law and include an analysis of packrafting in the Comprehensive River Management Plan.

3. Ask the Parks to please include packrafting among the other uses of the river corridors in all alternatives.

At APA, our strategy is to take a high road in our dealings with the NPS on this issue because it will help us in the future as we partner with them on introducing packrafting in a place where it has been banned for over 60 years. Please join us in this effort. Also, maybe include a bit about why packrafting is important to you and why you think it is consistent with NPS values.

For more information and ideas, read APA's and American Whitewater's comments on our website. The link to comment on the plan is available there as well.

Or, go directly to the NPS website to comment:

Thank you!

Brad Meiklejohn, President
American Packrafting Association

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