Groundbreaking study: uterine transplants

Women suffering from uterine factor infertility (UFI) cannot carry a pregnancy because they were born without a uterus, have lost their uterus, or have a uterus that no longer functions. A recently announced research study by the famed Cleveland Clinic will perform uterus transplants in 10 women with UFI, breaking new ground in the United States.
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A better way to predict due dates?

Pregnant women have long been frustrated that estimates of when they will actually give birth can be off by as much as two to three weeks. In fact, only 5 percent of women deliver on their exact due dates. There may be a better way, however. A new study suggests that a routine screening test could help narrow that window to seven days from the time of the test.
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More exercise can mean less pelvic pain

Pelvic girdle pain is associated with disability, depression, reduced quality of life and higher prevalence of sick leave both during and after pregnancy. It includes pain in the rear of the pelvis and at the joint where the pubic bones meet at the front. But new research says it can be reduced. The secret? Pre-pregnancy exercise.

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