Is your cell phone keeping your developing baby awake?

It may be, according to findings from a small study that measured fetal reactions to cell phones and beepers. The study followed 28 pregnant obstetrics and gynecology residents, all of whom were in their third trimester, and found that the sounds these devices emitted may disturb the sleep-and-wake cycles of fetuses.
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Premature birth: Like mother, like child?

Were you born prematurely? If so, it’s more likely that your own baby will be born prematurely as well. That’s the finding of a new study conducted in Canada, which looked at the health records from about 900,000 women in Quebec who had delivered at least one baby.
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Another study refutes vaccine-autism link

Recent outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other previously controlled childhood illnesses reveal the dangers of refusing to vaccinate your child. Many parents who choose not to vaccinate base their decision on the belief that vaccination may cause autism, despite enormous evidence to the contrary.
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