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SPEL Application Engineers are ready to design a custom SPELFilter system to meet the water quality requirements of your site.

SPELFilter Features

SPELFilter UnitValue and Benefits

Proven Sand Filter Performance:

The uniform size silica-sand filter media provides for higher removal efficiencies than coarser types of media used in other cartridge systems. And, SPELFilter media is inorganic – it doesn’t leach nitrogen and other nutrients.

Greater flexibility:

Due to the greater surface area and high flow capacity, combined with the modular cartridge design, the SPELFilter system can be deployed in a variety of structures including manholes, precast vaults, or cast-in-place structures. Our team can design & build these for you if required.

The SPELFilter system can be installed into any vault or tank because it does not require a false floor to release the treated stormwater.

Our Engineers optimize each system based on site considerations and local council requirements to provide an optimal configuration for each application.

Call Joel or Lee on the SPEL Environmental team at Pump & Valve Specialties Ltd today on (09) 276 9045.

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