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Together as the people of the world, we can overcome any crisis

by Tasneem Essop
The current COVID-19 crisis has disrupted life as we know it. The CAN network is responding to the crisis with compassion and solidarity. Many CAN members throughout the world are focusing their attention on dealing with the crisis in different ways, whether it be supporting relief efforts through mutual aid, standing in solidarity with frontline workers, providing information about the connections between this health crisis and the climate crisis or pushing back on Economic Stimulus Packages that lock-in the old and polluting sectors of our economies. We are all making this crisis our priority. We all, painfully though, recognise that the climate crisis looms large. We also all recognise that there are many lessons to be learnt from the handling of this crisis for the climate movement.

The COVID-19 crisis reminds us of something we are all too familiar with in the climate space: many governments are not doing enough to protect their citizens, especially the most vulnerable; frontline workers, people of colour, people who live in poverty. The inequalities in our world have been laid bare. But we are also witnessing that many ordinary people have stepped in and filled the gap, displaying remarkable acts of solidarity, resilience and innovation.

It has been inspiring to see people supporting each other, holding” balcony revolts”, adapting quickly to new realities, and supporting the efforts of those on the frontlines. It makes us hopeful and confident that by building on the agency and power of people, we will be able to win the climate fight.

This crisis has also exposed dysfunctional systems and policies.

Today, the COVID-19 crisis is being used as a cover for actions that could widen the inequalities and prove detrimental to health, climate and environmental integrity. Many Governments are bailing out industries that contribute to the climate crisis. Trillions of dollars are about to be spent to bail out sectors such as oil and gas, airlines and shipping companies, while at the same time workers have been laid off and unemployment has reached record levels.

As civil society we will not stand by watching this tragedy unfold. We have already started mobilizing and pushing back through setting the principles and a vision for a Just Recovery that leaves no one behind. As a Network, we are working with other constituencies and have formed a task force to develop a strategy to influence key decision makers in the design and implementation of economic stimulus packages to ensure that they are aligned with the Paris goals.

We are facing multiple crises in the world. How we respond is a measure of our humanity. Only through our power, as the peoples’ of this world, will we overcome.
Members' Spotlight
Big Shift Global: Multilateral Development Banks must implement a sustainable recovery from Covid-19
Kiko Network, CAN Japan: First shareholder climate resolution results in Mizuho decision to stop lending to new coal power projects 
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CANLA: Declarations on the Forum on Sustainable Development in Latin America and Postponement of COP26 
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Voices from the Frontlines
How to help climate-vulnerable nations during the Covid crisis
by Fenton Lutunatabua & Willy Missack
Tropical Cyclone Harold was a wake-up call that the climate crisis is not slowing down despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Willy Missack and Fenton Lutunatabua write.  Continue reading
Oceania's bad luck island
by Willie Missak
How life is in Vanuatu in Oceania struggling with the coronavirus and hurricanes worsened by climate change, told by environmental activist Willy Missak to the Russian media outlet Continue reading
Please, for the Pacific, rebuild your economy greener after Covid-19
by Julia Marango
All of this highlights a great injustice: Pacific nations produce only a tiny fraction of global emissions, but the Pacific and it's people are on the frontlines of climate change. Continue reading
In the News

Here's you monthly brief of opinion pieces and interviews from CAN members:

Coronavirus should not be exploited to fuel climate emergency
by Tasneem Essop and Jean Su
Politicians have responded to the pandemic with economic stimulus packages skewed toward helping polluters and locking in emissions. Continue reading
The Climate Debt: What the West owes the rest
by Mohamed Adow
Growing up in a pastoral community in northern Kenya gave me a certain clarity about the climate crisis, a clarity born not from abstract understandings but from visceral experience. Continue reading 
COVID-19 is an unmissable chance to put people and the planet first
by Jennifer Morgan
As our response to COVID-19 must be global, science-based, collaborative and holistic, so must we create a world that is also able to efficiently and effectively address the next pandemic and other global crises like the climate emergency. Continue reading/listen to the podcast
An Interview with Harjeet Singh
by Jonny Tiernan, edited by Laura McDermott
"Our fight is not just about climate, it is about creating a new, fair and just system that works for people and the planet." Continue reading
Blue skies, less waste: Covid-19 and the MCO's effects on the environment (with Nithi Nesadurai)
by Ming Teoh
“This crisis will hopefully awaken everyone to have a better understanding of the relationship between humankind and the environment, and encourage people to take positive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint” Continue reading

In other news:

Covid-19 crisis will wipe out demand for fossil fuels, says IEA
by Jillian Ambrose
Renewable electricity will be the only source resilient to the biggest global energy shock in 70 years triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the world’s energy watchdog. Continue reading
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Well-being and Mindfulness
5 Tips on mental and physical well-being during the COVID19 crisis:
  • Look for perspective: Keep work events in reasonable perspective, it will help you keep stress under control.Lean on your support network.
  • Reach out to trusted colleagues - people whose judgement you respect - get their point of view on a situation that troubles you. Block time.
  • Hold a period of time and regularly keep it free from meetings, calls and random interruptions. Use the time to work on things that are important and that you have not been able to get to.
  • Be assertive with your personal time. Agree a regular time with your family and co-workers that is “me” time. A regular time for this mental recovering can give you something to look forward to and allow you to clear your head.
  • Exercise. Physical activity increases the production of feel-good endorphins. Regular exercise is good for relaxing, lowering anxiety symptoms and can improve your sleep, it puts you in touch with your body, rather than your mind.
Creating Circles: Communities of Care and Resilience A Local Organizing Guide in Response to COVID19 (by GreenFaith)
CAN Annual Strategy Session Report 2020 - Building Power and Action in a Climate Emergency
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