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Dear Community of Practice Members,

"Many people look back on their college or university career as the best years of their life. But what often gets overlooked is just how stressful student life can be. For many students, the transition to college or university means separating from family and friends, sharing close living spaces with strangers, forming new relationships, responding to intense academic pressure and balancing work against other responsibilities such as jobs. The challenges students face can be extremely stressful."
The end of semester can be a stressful time for everyone on campus. Below, we've shared some resources to help manage stress, as well as specific strategies for supervisors. We invite you to share any resources you have that might help others on campus to thrive at this busy time of year.

Stress Test 

Are you experiencing signs of stress?

Stress can be difficult to understand. The emotional chaos it causes can make our daily lives miserable. It can also decrease our physical health, sometimes drastically. Strangely, we are not always aware that we are under stress.

Find your stress level right now by completing this test.

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Download & Share "thinkFull" App

Spread the Word

Telus is encouraging you to become part of the journey to #bethinkFull. Try the app, share your feedback and tell your friends about it! Share this app with other campus community members who might be interested in creating a healthy life balance. 


Life can be stressful. Over two thirds of people report that their day-to-day stress is unmanageable. But the good news? Stress itself isn’t always a negative thing! thinkFull helps you manage your stress to enrich your life.  Powered by a rich library of life tips to help you relieve stress, solve problems and live well.

With thinkFull you can:
  • record your stress level along with life events to build self awareness;
  • personalize life tips that help you achieve healthy life balance;
  • and recognize patterns in your stress, and start to solve the real problems.
#bethinkFull: Why?

Did you know that we can use stress to motivate us when tackling our daily challenges? It’s hard to think clearly about managing stress when life gets tough, that’s why thinkFull exists. By providing tools and techniques, thinkFull helps you understand your stress and work towards a healthier life through personalized tips and suggestions. thinkFull will help you take control of how you deal with the stress in your life.

How thinkFull was created

TELUS, a Canadian Telecom provider, is committed to giving back to the community. In 2014 it launched its first ever Social Enterprise competition to encourage entrepreneurial and community spirit amongst its team members. A team of four TELUS team members with passion in their heart for mental wellbeing were chosen as a result of this initiative to transform their idea into reality.
Each of the thinkFull team members has a personal story to share about difficult circumstances, life transitions, and the stress that accompanies it. As the reliance on smartphones grows, they believe that this utility can be harnessed to help people manage stress more effectively. thinkFull app has been co-created in collaboration with a number of volunteers, youth partners and supporters like Dr. Stan Kutcher, CMHA BC, Here to Help BC, mindyourmind, MJB Technologies, Dr. Chris Williams and Kelty Resource Centre.

More Resources to Help Manage Stress

Wellness Module: Stress and Well-Being

"Having trouble coping? Stressed out? Feeling overwhelmed?

If your answer is YES, you are not alone. Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Some people, though, say that they feel very stressed most of the time. While stress isn’t always bad, too much stress can affect your well-being."

HeretoHelp has a series of Wellness Modules on various topics related to health and wellness.  

View the wellness module>>>

How to De-Stress in the Overwhelm of End of Term

Check out this blog post from the “Campus Conversations About Healthy Living” blog. This post provides a few ideas to help get you through the end of term stress.

Read the blog>>>

Stress in the Workplace

"But what do we mean when we say we are 'stressed'? Often, it means that we have several things to do in an inadequate period of time. It may mean that we’ve made several commitments, without building in time to relax and regroup. In any case, there are times when life seems to demand more of us than we feel we can cope with, and we feel overwhelmed. But let’s take a step back and look at the real source of our feelings."

Read the article>>>

Workplace Strategies for Supervisors  

"Supervisors have two primary levels of responsibility in relation to workplace mental health- providing a psychologically safe work environment and providing supportive management for employees who may be experiencing mental health concerns.”

View resources >>>

Workplace Strategies for Employees  

"Use these links to information, tools and resources to learn about managing your own mental health in the workplace, how to help your supervisor help you and how to work alongside co-workers who may be struggling with mental health issues.” Examples include:
- Videos Featuring Employees Working Through It 
Healthy Break Activities
- Four-part relaxation and stress management videos courtesy of University Health Network

View resources >>>

Opportunity for Community Knowledge-Exchange

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Do you have a resource related to managing stress?

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