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Lunch & Learn on Using the Online Community Platform
September 29th | 12pm - 1pm 
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Surveys and Evaluation in Support of Wellbeing: There's More than NCHA
October 6th | 8:30am - 10am
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National Campus Mental Health Community of Practice Webinar
October 8th | 10am - 11:30am 
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Promising Practices for Building a Healthier Residence Environment
October 20th | 10am - 11:30am 
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Lunch & Learn on Using the Online Community Platform

Join us for an interactive webinar on how to use the online social learning community, also know as the “platform,” “virtual office,” “play space,” “repository” and “sandbox.” During this webinar you will learn about each section of the online community to help you make the best use of all it has to offer. All participants are encouraged to bring their trouble shooting questions and any recommendations they have for tweaks to the site based on their experience. 

Surveys and Evaluation in Support of Wellbeing

This webinar will look at some recent developments and approaches to better support decision-making regarding student wellbeing at UBC. In particular, UBC is partway through the implementation of a new comprehensive and integrated approach to data, that:

- Aims to increase validity of survey-based population rates of key wellbeing issues
- Develops better understanding of the drivers of wellbeing issues
- Better supports evaluation of individual programs and interventions, under a common rubric, to support program improvement and inform broader policy and program discussions

The webinar will share some of their learnings to date, as well as propose an option for a made-in-BC approach to comparative wellbeing data that could be developed in partnership with post-secondary institutions and other partners across BC. We also look forward to a discussion about what evaluation methods and tools other campuses are currently using. 

Presenter: Ben Pollard is Director, Strategic Initiatives with the Vice-President Students Office at UBC Vancouver, and has responsibility for the Student Experience Evaluation and Research Unit, which conducts surveys, evaluation and research projects in support of program and policy decisions. Ben’s area of research is decision-making in complex social policy areas. He has spent the last 15 years working on a broad array of policy areas within government, non-profit and post-secondary environments, with a focus on evaluation, performance measurement/management, and decision support. 

Audience: Stakeholders from post-secondary institutions who have an interest in and/or responsibility for assessment and evaluation of programs/initiatives/policies/services that have an impact on student wellbeing.

National Campus Mental Health CoP Webinar

All interested campus stakeholders are invited to join this webinar to discuss what common interests, concerns, or hopes regarding Campus Mental Health bring us together as a community. As an emerging National CoP how can we share best practices and co-create new knowledge that will benefit all?  

The webinar will also share insights from the survey about the Guide to a Systematic Approach to Post-Secondary Student Mental Health, and invite participants to brainstorm ideas for creating collaborative and inclusive environments to communicate, connect, and conduct meaningful CoP activities to promote Campus Mental Health using a systematic approach, over the course of next year. 

Promising Practices for Building Healthier Residence Environments

Residences heavily influence the culture of drinking and other substance use on post-secondary campuses. A residence scan conducted through the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project offers insight as to how residence service personnel can shape their environment to affect the patterns of use by residents and improve the overall campus culture around alcohol and other substance use.  Hallmarks of a healthier residence community, promising practices and helpful resources will be shared with webinar participants.

Featured Example: TRU’s Drink with Class 

At TRU, Drink with Class has become a central philosophy in residence. Residence Life Coordinators have spread the message to all residence personnel, including resident advisors, front desk staff, housekeepers and even maintenance staff in an effort to provide one cohesive, thoughtful message to students: “Drinking is part of our culture. Not everyone drinks, but if you choose to drink, drink with class.”

Questions to Be Explored:
  • Have you tried anything new in your residence that’s promising?
  • Has anything new come up as an issue in residence?
  • Any new trends/policies/training that have emerged?
  • Anything missing from the current residence guide that’s emerged more recently?
We are getting ready to start planning Summit 2016. If you are interested in joining the committee and shaping the program, please email by September 25th.
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